CSS-Tricks Chronicle II

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  • A bit randomly, I’ve had some great guest post submissions all at once. I published one from Arley McBlain earlier this week and I have two more I need to publish. Probably one tomorrow and one on Monday. This is great because it’s been hard to write much in the midst of the big redesign.
  • Speaking of the redesign, it’s feeling very close to competition. The last big thing is building the private access area (“The Lodge”). This is the area where Kickstarter backers get access to to watch the screencasts. And yep, you’ll be able to buy access as well if you missed the Kickstarter. That was always the deal. Kickstarter folks just got it less expensively, amongst other rewards.
  • All the merchandise from the Kickstarter has been ordered. Should be shipping out within a few weeks. Some of it was exclusive to the Kickstarter but some of it will be for sale at some point. I’m thinking of offering always-open merchandise ordering on CodePen, CSS-Tricks, and ShopTalk for the merch. I figure if someone wants a shirt, no sense in making them wait.
  • The next conference I’ll be at is the Breaking Development conference in Dallas, Texas, September 24-26. I’ll be doing a workshop and a talk both centered around “A Modern Web Designer’s Workflow”. It will be brand new material from me. I have an outline of what I want to cover, but really need to dig into it and get some materials made.
  • I was happy today that the Photoshop 13.0.1 update was released which fixed this awful bug where path outlines kept turning back on when you explicitly turned them off.
  • CodePen is now an officially registered California corporation. We’re doing it all right like grown ups.
  • I wanted to add datalist support to the external JS input box on CodePen to list a bunch of URL’s from cdnjs.com. I did, and it works great in Firefox (see) but not great in WebKit browsers where string matching only happens on start of string not anywhere in the options, making it useless. I forked Chosen (then later select2) thinking I could alter it to make it work with input/datalist as well but I fear the code is just too complex. I might do a simpler hand rolled solution.
  • I just did my talk “Let’s Do Simple Stuff to Make Websites Faster” at the RWD Summit. I fleshed it out a bunch since the last time I gave it at WordCamp San Francisco (which you can watch here). I also recorded myself doing it again for a screencast here on CSS-Tricks.
  • Fabrice Weinberg has been working on an jQuery implementation of ::nth-everything