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I’m not sure what to call these icons from Astrit Malsija. The title is “500+ CSS Icons, Customizable, Retina Ready & API” and the URL is “css.gg” but they aren’t really named anything.

Anyway, their shtick is:

The 🌎’s first icon library designed by code.

The idea is that they don’t use clip-path, they aren’t icon fonts, they aren’t even SVG. They are just <i> tags essentially using the shapes of CSS and pseudo elements as necessary to draw themselves. It’s a very clever approach. They’ll render super fast, like inline SVG would, because they don’t require any other resource. They don’t scale particularly well because everything is sized in px, but they have modifier classes for a handful of predefined sizes. I probably wouldn’t use these in production (inline SVG is the way to go), but still, it’s clever.

I wouldn’t call it the world’s first either. Nicolas Gallagher designed an icon set like this 10 years ago (!).

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