Come Learn and Take In Big Ideas at An Event Apart

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I’m just back from An Event Apart Seattle, and it was fantastic. High five to y’all I got to run into there. Lots of big moments happen at An Event Apart. Microsoft took the opportunity to announce they are officially working on getting CSS grid into Edge, meaning full on cross browser compatibility for that, coming soon.

Ethan Marcotte was there, and before giving his excellent talk about patterns in design, told us that that very stage was the first time he ever uttered the words “responsive web design.” See, An Event Apart has a pretty solid history of being a place where industry changing ideas seed and blossom.

Fortunately for all of us, there are five more shows this year:

  1. Boston, May 15-17
  2. Washington DC, Jul 10-12
  3. Chicago, Aug 28-30
  4. San Francisco, Oct 30-Nov 1
  5. Denver, Dec 11-13

I’ll be giving my full-day session in Chicago!

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