CMS Expo, Chicago, May 3rd-5th

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I’ll be speaking at the CMS Expo this May 3rd – 5th (I speak the 4th and 5th). It’s in Evanston, IL, basically, Chicago.

I’ll be doing two sessions, one Tuesday, on Wednesday. One of them will be on advanced theme building. We’ll start with a mockup of a site we want to build (something modern and cool looking) and build it into a finished theme. The other will be “Tricking out WordPress”, where we will hop around some different techniques for doing cool things with WordPress. Probably stuff like advanced custom field usage, pulling in external content, and AJAX.

If you aren’t into the WordPress thing, remember this is a “CMS Expo” so WordPress isn’t the only kid on the block. There will be tracks for Drupal and Joomla as well, and all kinds of interesting stuff going on. For all three days it’s $779.00. Pretty pricey, so if you need to start greasing up your boss, you better get started now. You can register here.