CSS-Tricks Chronicle I

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I’m going to start a new style of blog post around here called CSS-Tricks Chronicle. It’s going to be a (probably) weekly roundup of all the relevant happenings around the site and stuff I’m doing. Kind of a throwback to the spirit of blogging. It will give me a good home to link up interesting stuff that I didn’t otherwise have a good home for. I’ll use roman numerals to number them because they are cool and go well with the also-cool word “Chronicle.”

  • I just did a screencast (it’s been too long!) all about Creating and Using a Custom Icon Font. It’s all about how icon fonts are awesome and you can build a custom one from multiple different sets or even vectors you create yourself. Then use them easily and efficiently.
  • The idea for that screencast came from the brand new ShopTalk Show site design. There are icons in use all over. Mostly from Entypo, but also little state icons from StateFace and a UK icon from GeoBats. We put them together with IcoMoon. As I type we just finished up a brand new show with Matt Mullenweg.
  • We started sending email notifications on CodePen. In designing the emails, I took a “Mobile Everywhere” approach. Meaning, the emails are designed for a small screen (no clutter, just the important information) then serve that exact same (small) layout to everyone.
  • I just sent out the seventh update to the Kickstarter backers for the big v10 redesign. We’re looking to be right on time launching in September. There will be more screencasts related to this redesign than there are in the entire videos archive now (!).
  • This coming Tuesday I’ll presenting at the Responsive Web Design Summit (online). I’m doing a talk about web performance. I’ve given a shorter version of it before, so this weekend I’ll be working on fleshing it out a bit.