Build your own React

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Wowza! Rodrigo Pombo’s article about how to build React from scratch is fantastic, not only because it’s well written, but because of the outstanding interaction design: each line in the code examples ge highlighted and explored in further detail as you scroll down the page.

This makes it super easy to walk through each process step by step:

How neat is that? This definitely feels like a new way we should consider showing technical information I reckon as it’s just so much easier to read the code.

Oh, and the part about building your own React? Andy Bell advocates something similar when it comes to state management:

Libraries like Redux, MobX and Vuex make managing cross-component state almost trivial. This is great for an application’s resilience and it works really well with a state-first, reactive framework such as React or Vue.

How do these libraries work though? What would it take to write one ourselves? Turns out, it’s pretty straightforward and there’s an opportunity to learn some really common patterns and also learn about some useful modern APIs that are available to us.

Seems like Rodrigo’s pattern is a nice way to make that sort of learning possible.

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