Build an app for and potentially win BIG

❥ Sponsor is an online Work OS platform where teams create custom workflows in minutes to run their projects, processes, and everyday work.

Over 100,000 teams use to work together.

They have launched a brand new app marketplace for, meaning you can add tools built by third-party developers into your space.

You can build apps for this marketplace. For example, you could build a React app (framework doesn’t matter) to help make different teams in an organization work better together, integrate other tools, make important information more transparent, or anything else you can think of that would be useful for teams.

You don’t need to be a user to participate. You can sign up as a developer and get a FREE account to participate in the contest.

Do a good job, impress the judges with the craftsmanship, scalability, impact, and creativity of your app, and potentially win huge prices. Three Teslas and ten MacBook Pro’s are among the top prizes. Not to mention it’s cool no matter what to be one of the first people building an app for this platform, with a built-in audience of over 100,000.