Breaking the Grid

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If you thought CSS Grid solves issues where overflowed content escaping the confines of a horizontal layout, then think again. Dave Rupert writes up two ways he unintentionally broke outside the grid and how he wrangled things back into place.

As a Front-End developer nothing bothers me more than seeing an unexpected horizontal scrollbar on a website. While building out a checkout layout with CSS Grid I was surprised to find something mysterious was breaking the container. I thought Grid sort of auto-solved sizing.

Eventually I found two ways to break CSS Grid. As it would happen, I was doing both in the same layout.

Turns out these special cases boil down to:

  • Using overflow-x on an grid element
  • Using grid on form controls (or, more specifically, replaced elements)

Dave’s solution is a set of CSS rules affectionately named Fit Grid, which is a helper class that effectively removes and replaces the automated min-width: auto property assigned to grid items. This is a super helpful resource, though he admits it toes the line of “Clearfix 2.0” territory.

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