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Beta: New Snippets Area!

Hey ya’ll – I’ll let you in on a little secret here, there is a design update coming out soon here on CSS-Tricks. As usual, just a little realign / refresh / spit shine kinda thing. There are several reasons for it. Number One – I have a new area of the site I’ve been working on that I wanted to get integrated into the main navigation, and there simply isn’t room with this current setup. The new area? Code Snippets!

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

The goal being to create a large repository of useful code snippets in the areas that are most often talked about on this site: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (raw), JavaScript (jQuery), PHP, and WordPress. I’m sticking with these are first because I know the most about these and can moderate and test the code myself.

I’ve always fancied CSS-Tricks a “resource”, so today I hope this becomes even more true. The snippets will be searchable, and the upcoming new design will have that integrated much better. Each snippet will have comments associated with it, just like any video screencast or article. Significant improvements or bug fixes in the comments will be adjusted in the snippet itself.

$1 Launch Idea

There is already some great useful stuff in there, but the larger this thing grows the more useful it becomes. I thought maybe a cool idea would be accept snippet submissions from ya’ll, and pay out a dollar for each accepted snippet. I know that’s just a pittance, but heck maybe it’ll get you a free lunch.

Submit a Snippet

All the snippets are going to be moderated by me, so if you submit something and you don’t see it go up, sorry, I promise it’s nothing personal. It also might take me a while to sort through them all and do payouts, but it won’t take any longer than a week or two (probably).