Bartosz Ciechanowski’s Interactive Blog Posts

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I saw Bartosz Ciechanowski’s “Curves and Surfaces” going around the other day and was like, oh hey, this is the same fella that did that other amazingly interactive blog post on the Internal Combustion Engine the other day. I feel like I pretty much get how engines work now because of that blog post. Then I thought I should see what other blog posts Bartosz has and, lo and behold, there are a dozen or so — and they are all super good. Like one on gears, color spaces, Earth and Sun, and mesh transforms.

If I was a person who hired people to design interactive science museums, I’d totally try to hire Bartosz to design one. I’m glad, though, that the web is the output of choice so far as the reach of the web is untouchable.

I wonder what the significance of the Patreon membership level numbers are? 3, 7, 19, 37, 71. Just random prime numbers? I threw in a few bucks. I’d increase my pledge if some of the bucks could go toward an improved accessibility situation. I think the sliders are largely unfocusable <div> situations so I imagine something better could be done there.