AWS Lambdas: Easy, Easier, Easiest

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I’d say cloud functions are one of the most transformative technologies in the last bunch of years. They are (usually) cheap, scale well, secure in their inherent isolation, and often written in JavaScript—comfortable territory for front-end developers. Nearly every cloud provider offers them, but AWS Lambda was the OG and remains the leader.

But also: The DX around cloud functions is just as interesting to watch as the tech behind the functions themselves. There is all sorts of tech that has sprung up around them to make them easy to use and relatively transparent. Emrah Samdan wrote that it’s a win-win for both customers and companies. Another example:

Two of the most popular Jamstack hosting platforms, Netlify and Vercel, offer idiot-proof wrappers for AWS Lambda deployments, each more developer-friendly than the next.

Joey Anuff, “AWS Lambdas: Easy, Easier, Easiest”

AWS’ own Amplify is a front-runner for easiness as well, which is in stark contrast to trying to manage your functions right through the AWS console itself.

Joey found Vercel to be easiest by a narrow margin, with the caveat that he was already using Next.js which is from Vercel.

My favorite bit here is that in the research repo for this article, Joey listed in great detail (with action GIFs) the steps for each of the services cloud functions offerings.

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