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Geoff Graham

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How to Roll Your Own Simple WordPress Podcast Plugin

Let’s say you plan to get into podcasting. You have the recording equipment, an interesting topic, and a good voice that other people want to hear. You seem well on your way to filling earbuds everywhere.

Then there’s the issue of hosting your podcast. iTunes requires an RSS feed so it can distribute your episodes to subscribers when they’re available, but how do you do that? The good news is that there are plenty of ways to host a podcast. … Read article “How to Roll Your Own Simple WordPress Podcast Plugin”


Stacked Paper Effect

A popular design technique is to create a content container that looks like a sheet of paper and to stack other sheets of paper below it, adding a layered or three-dimensional style. We can create this effect using straight up CSS, but there are multiple types of stacked paper designs we can consider. We’ll provide snippets for four in particular.

Vertical Stack of Paper on Bottom

The idea here is that our content container is the top sheet of paper … Read article “Stacked Paper Effect”