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Shuffle Array

Technique #1
function Shuffle(o) {
	for(var j, x, i = o.length; i; j = parseInt(Math.random() * i), x = o[--i], o[i] = o[j], o[j] = x);
	return o;


var testArray = [1,2,3,4,5];

// jQuery to dump out 
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Validate HTML Bookmarklet


Make a bookmark with the above code, or just drag the following button link to your bookmarklets bar.

validate html

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Instant Productivity

All jobs are a series of tasks needing to be completed. Let’s look at a construction worker. Today she needs to bust up a bunch of cement. Here is one path of action:

Put hardhat on
Start jackhammer
Bust up

NetNewsWire Theme: Fixed

I love me some Google Reader. I got all my feeds up in there and it’s like having the longest most interesting newspaper ever. It brings me great pleasure to know that when people build all these RSS reading …

Transparency in Web Design

How is it done? Let’s take a gander at four different ways. Each of them handling the illusion in a different way, and each completely appropriate depending on the situation at hand.…

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CSS3 Button Maker

Drag things, pick colors, make a nice class for your buttons… introducing the Button Maker.

Boy, that’s a nice button right there.…


Special Characters
" " quotation mark u+0022 ISOnum p:before { content:”\0022″; } alert(“\42”)
& & & ampersand u+0026 ISOnum p:before { content:”\0026″; } alert(“\46”)
&lt; &#60; < less-than sign u+003C ISOnum p:before { content:”\003c”; } alert(“\74”);
&gt; &#62; >
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Video Screencasts

#80: Regarding Wheel Invention
Running time: 19:09
Sometimes “reinventing the wheel” is the right way to go. You get control and all the learning that goes into it. Sometimes it is a waste of time and an existing solution will
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#86: First Moments with MAMP

I’m way behind the times on this one, but until recently, I have never really developed locally. Everything I did was “going commando” and working directly on servers. The situation arose where I really needed to, so now I have …

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New Poll: How many websites do you launch per year?

There is a new poll in the sidebar. RSS readers, you’ll have to make the jump. The question is:

How many websites do you launch per year?

The idea is to gauge how many different projects you all are involved …

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Poll Results: Server side language of choice?

Over 18,500 people voted on this last poll, making it the most voted-upon poll in this site’s history, when I asked:

What is your server-side language of choice?

Now I’m definitely a front end guy writing about mostly front end …

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