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Chris Coyier

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Styled Popup Menu

This idea is from and how they handle the dropdowns for things like T-Shirt sizes. Thank you to Dennis Sa.

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We’ll wrap a regular text input inside an <div, which also contains an unordered list which will represent the values for the popup menu.

<div class="size">
	<input type="text" name="test" value="choose your size" class="field" readonly="readonly" />
	<ul class="list">
		<li>Male - M</li>
		<li>Female - M</li>
		<li>Male - S</li>
		<li>Female - S</li>


The lists … Read article “Styled Popup Menu”


Display Post Divider In Between Posts

Right before the closing of the The Loop, insert this code:

if (($wp_query->current_post + 1) < ($wp_query->post_count)) {
   echo '<div class="post-item-divider">Post Divider</div>';

This will create a <div> you can style as a post divider. The cool part being, it only gets inserted between two posts, skipping the last one. Thanks to Craig Maclean.… Read article “Display Post Divider In Between Posts”


New Poll: Multiple JavaScript Libraries

Have you ever tried to debug a site where a beginner web designer has loaded the page with scripts? There’s a couple copies of jQuery in various versions, maybe a little Prototype or MooTools thrown in. We can laugh a bit, but many of us went through that stage where we just didn’t really understand things well enough to know there was any problem with that. And is there? Aside from the bandwidth concerns, most libraries have steps you can … Read article “New Poll: Multiple JavaScript Libraries”




Intentional Difficulty

Here’s some food for thought.

When designing something that you are reasonably certain the user is willing (or forced) to invest time in learning to use proficiently, is it beneficial to intentionally make some tasks just slightly more difficult than they could be?

Not incredibly hard, not convoluted, not outright counter-intuitive. But perhaps making some information a little more buried, or placing an action in a slightly strange place. If the user is really looking, they’ll be able to find … Read article “Intentional Difficulty”


Poll Results: Action Verb Clarity

The latest poll was all about picking the best sentence for a user to perform a specific action on a website. The choices are listed below, sorted from most popular to least:

  • 39% – Select a user and then click the Update button.
  • 37% – Select a user and then click Update.
  • 8% – Select a user and Update.
  • 7% – Select a user and then press the Update button.
  • 5% – Select a user and then press Update.
  • 3%
Read article “Poll Results: Action Verb Clarity”