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Chris Coyier

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Optimizing CSS for faster page loads


Weaved Webs

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Editing HTML Like A Boss In VS Code


What is the Value of Browser Diversity?


Form design

A very digestable guide from Geri Reid on building forms. Not the code, but the design and UX principles that should guide the code.

Working on a design system for a bank has taught [me] a lot about forms. I’ve watched testing in our labs. I’ve worked alongside experts from specialist accessibility organisations. I’ve seen forms tested by disabled people and users of assistive technology. I’ve also read a lot of research.

From all this learning I’ve formed my own

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#192: Git Tricks for Getting Yourself Out of Trouble

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Winamp Skin Museum


content-visibility: the new CSS property that boosts your rendering performance

Una Kravets and Vladimir Levin:

[…] you can use another CSS property called content-visibility to apply the needed containment automatically. content-visibility ensures that you get the largest performance gains the browser can provide with minimal effort from you as a developer.

The content-visibility property accepts several values, but auto is the one that provides immediate performance improvements.

The perf benefits seems pretty big:

In our example, we see a boost from a 232ms rendering time to a 30ms rendering

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