Alternative Style Links

You may know the classic link style very well. Blue with an underline. There is an alternative way to achieve the same effect, that is a bit nicer.

Here is the code:

a {
  text-decoration: none;
  background: url(link-line.gif) repeat-x 0 
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CSS Frameworks Roundup (and some thoughts)

The guiding theory behind CSS frameworks is saving time. If you write a lot of CSS, you know you write a lot of the exact same code over and over and over. There is something to be said of learning …

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Matrix of Rollovers

Here is a bona fide little CSS-Trick for ya’ll.

I knew I could make a “matrix” of squares with rollovers. Then I got to wondering if I could duplicate that matrix of rollovers elsewhere on the screen. I figured I …

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A Nice & Simple Contact Form (Downloadable)

There are a million contact form examples out there, why this one?

  • It’s SIMPLE
  • It’s FREE
  • It WORKS
  • It’s VALID
  • and it’s styled with CSS

Take a look. Download it. Take it apart. Use it for whatever you’d like.

Check …

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Links of Interest

Jared Schwager has an interesting idea on compressing CSS on-the-fly using PHP. Works pretty well. The end result is slightly quicker downloads and slightly quicker render times with a slightly higher burden on the server.

Fadtastic has a nice roundup …

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