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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

Have you ever seen this?

Read Kevin writes in:

A css file will have something like…

background:url(../images/topheader.htm) top left no-repeat;

…where topheader.htm is just an empty file. In this same directory is a jpg named topheader.jpg. How does this work? Why is it done this way?

Yes, I have seen that before. I have no idea how it works or why it’s done. I tried to reproduce this technique in my secret laboratory and was unable to get it to work.

I have seen image … Read article “Have you ever seen this?”


Super Simple Two Column Layout

Reader Blake writes in:

What I’m trying to do is a fairly standard 3 section layout. The header needs to be 75 pixels in height and 100% in width. Below that, I need a sidebar section 160px wide and a main content block that fills up the rest of the width. So far, fairly standard… nothing too complicated. Here’s the part that I can’t get to work correctly: I want the sidebar and main content blocks to fill up the

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ID Your Body For Greater CSS Control and Specificity

Let’s say you want to change the color of your links on just your contact page to red. They are blue on every other page, but it just makes sense for them to be red on your contact page (for some reason). There are a couple ways you could go about this.

  • You could declare a separate stylesheet for your contact page. This isn’t ideal, because it’s redundant. If you make any other changes, you’ll always have to make them
Read article “ID Your Body For Greater CSS Control and Specificity”

Rate Your CSS Skill Level: Final Version & Poll

There was lots of great feedback from the rough draft model of the CSS Skill Levels. I have tried to take everyones ideas into account and rework things. The biggest consensus was that there needs to be another level between either 3 & 4, or 4 & 5. My solutions was to expand to a 6 level system and make and effort to space out the levels a little more evenly.

So here is the finished CSS Skill Level Read article “Rate Your CSS Skill Level: Final Version & Poll”


Links of Interest

Link Value Factors has a really interesting and comprehensive look at how the value of links are determined. Of course there is now way to really know, so each factor is valued by a “wisdom of the crowds” approach. The crowd in the case being a group of SEO experts.


47+ Excellent Ajax CSS Forms

Noupe has yet another really well done roundup highlighting some of the best resources for styling forms.


Garamond rocks.

Just a quick … Read article “Links of Interest”


Listless Navigation – Using CSS To Do More With Less

The best part about CSS is that it allows web developers to achieve more with less. What exactly does that mean? Well, for a start, CSS allows developers to:

  • Code much, much less XHTML
  • Separate website formatting from content
  • Control as much of the website theme/design as the developer allows himself with one CSS file
  • Easily adapt website display to the user instead of the user adapting to the website
  • Change the display of our website for specific devices and
Read article “Listless Navigation – Using CSS To Do More With Less”

Group Input Needed: Rating Your Level of CSS Skill

Reader Patrick, an IT Software Architect, wrote in with a question I though was really interesting:

For my company, I am developing a scheme where our developers can check which level for a specific knowledge area they are on. For most areas we set 5 levels. One of these areas of knowledge (and skills) is CSS. Do you know some good online material that describe the knowledge levels in CSS? And preferably with examples so the developer himself can estimate

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Review of PSD2HTML

PSD to HTML Service by is one of the sponsors of this blog, so I figured I would introduce them a little bit, explain what they do, and share my past experience with them as a customer. I’d like to say that although they are a paid advertiser on this blog, I wouldn’t sing them any praises if I wasn’t happy with their service.

PSD2HTML started in 2005 with a singular focus, turn designs into websites. Not only … Read article “Review of PSD2HTML”


How to Redirect index.html to index.php

Just this past week I finished up with a redesign project for a client and took the project live. Later on in the afternoon the day of the launch, the client called me:

Client: I just clicked on our site and it’s not working!!
Me: Really? That’s strange. The site seems to be up and working just fine for me. Let’s see if we can track down the problem.
Client: I just clicked on our site and Read article “How to Redirect index.html to index.php”