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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

Designing the DZone Cross-Promotional Footer

DZone has recently rolled out a footer on their new “Zones” that I designed/coded for them. If you want to check it out live, you can see it at any of the zones like the CSS Zone. I thought I would share some of the thought process we went through and the code.


We looked at other cross-promotional footers.

A good first step is always to take a look around and see what other’s have done before you. … Read article “Designing the DZone Cross-Promotional Footer”


CSS-Tricks Sporting a Freshened Up Design

Did a little pre-spring-cleaning around here today

  • Lightened up the whole feel with the lighter textured background.
  • Added a link to the new videos section.
  • Make the subscribe section more obvious, and included the new video feed.

Really, it’s not that different. It’s just the background that makes it seem that way. My goal in the near future is to add a section (maybe in the sidebar) of links to my favorite examples.

Hopefully ya’ll like it, but let me … Read article “CSS-Tricks Sporting a Freshened Up Design”


Links of Interest

Arial or Helvetica?

Once there was a typeface called Helvetica. It was extremely popular. Later came a software company called Microsoft. Can you tell the difference between the original and the rip-off in these ten examples?


Blind Text Generator

In my option way nicer than I HATE how you have to tell “how many paragraphs you need” before it gives you any text to copy. Seems like a cheap attempt to get two page views per visitor … Read article “Links of Interest”


How To Set Up and Host A Publicly-Accessible File on Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

One of the many good suggestions I got for hosting these video files was to use the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). I had heard about this before, but didn’t know much about it. Nothing like trial by fire to figure something out quickly…


Step 1: Sign up for Amazon Web Services

Simple enough. Go here to do this. There are other different web services Amazon offers. The one we are using here is the Simple Storage Service). You … Read article “How To Set Up and Host A Publicly-Accessible File on Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)”


CSS-Tricks Video Screencasts Now Available

Alright I’m just gonna publish the link and see how it goes…
CSS-Tricks Video Screencasts

DISCLAIMER: These are my very first screencasts ever, so the quality is sort of rough, folks. I am going to keep at it though and I’m sure they will get better and more focused with time.

Also, I call them “podcasts” in the video, but it’s not really a podcast yet since I haven’t really figured out what I’m going to do about that. … Read article “CSS-Tricks Video Screencasts Now Available”


Prevent Menu “Stepdown”

If you are familiar with the concepts of “floats”, you know that if you float a page element to the left, that the next page element will move up next to that element on the right, if possible. But have you ever seen your floated elements “stepdown”?

This is a fairly common problem you can run into when creating a horizontal menu. Like most menus, you create an unordered list:

<ul id="menu">
	<li><a href="#">My</a></li>
	<li><a href="#">Little</a></li>
	<li><a href="#">Menu</a></li>

You … Read article “Prevent Menu “Stepdown””


Advice on Videos Needed

That’s just a little teaser graphic there for ya’ll =)

Here is the scoop. I’m all set up to start doing some Video Screencasts for CSS-Tricks. I actually already sort of shot the first one. I am on a Mac, so I used iShowU to record the video at 1280×800 with the Apple Animation codec at as high of quality as I could. I also have a pretty decent condenser mic so the audio quality is pretty good. Actually, the … Read article “Advice on Videos Needed”


Links of Interest

The Funkiest Ampersand’s You Have Ever Seen

Spoon Graphics has an awesome roundup of funky ampersands. I mentioned in the comments a cool thing to “use the best ampersand available” is to wrap the ampersands in an unique class and then list your 10 favorite in your font-family declaration. Chances are, most visitors won’t have your crazy fonts, but there is decent change that some of them will have at least one of them. And if not, they’ll … Read article “Links of Interest”


A Few Quick Weekend Notes

Hide an image in your text!

Reader Erik left a comment linking to an amazing example of what can be done with the CSS3 selection color technique I just posted about. You have to see it to believe it.

A New Poll!

If you haven’t noticed, there is a new pole in the Sidebar. I am asking what you feel the web designers role is in mobile website design. The way I see it there are two schools of thought. … Read article “A Few Quick Weekend Notes”


Overriding The Default Text Selection Color With CSS

One of those cool CSS3 declarations that you can use today is ::selection, which overrides your browser-level or system-level text highlight color with a color of your choosing. At the time of this writing, only Safari and Firefox are supporting this, and both in slightly different ways. Fortunately, this can be thought of as one of those “forward-enhancement” techniques. It’s a nice touch for those using modern browsers, but it just gets ignored in other browsers and it’s not … Read article “Overriding The Default Text Selection Color With CSS”