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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

Are My Sites Up PREMIUM

Check out Abe up there hanging out. Abe is pretty stoked about the new Premium Service over on Are My Sites Up, and I am too. I really think any serious freelancer or web design agency should have at least some kind of system in place to be keeping an eye on their sites. These things are your babies, you should be responsible with them!

The new Premium Service has some awesome new features, some of which have just went … Read article “Are My Sites Up PREMIUM”


Browser Detection is Bad

And here is why:

It is against the spirit of web standards

The whole reason that web standards exist is so that we don’t have to write specific code for specific environments. We should write code that adheres to established standards and software in charge of displaying our code should display it as the standards dictate.

It relies on the browser user-agent string

… which has a hilariously disastrous history and is easily spoofable.

It can hinder devices

Example: you … Read article “Browser Detection is Bad”


Set Font Size Based On Word Count

In my little Quotes on Design project, some of the quotes are longer than others. I thought it might be kind of nifty to beef up the font-size on the shorter quotes and trim down the size for the longer quotes so they all match a bit better in terms of the size they take up on the screen.

Rather than do this with a hard-coded number in each of the quotes, I did it with JavaScript. This allows for … Read article “Set Font Size Based On Word Count”


Smashing Sitemap

I wrote up an article for Smashing Magazine on creating a colorful sitemap with jQuery. It covers all kinds of things, like semantic markup, enhancing with CSS3, building a quick jQuery plugin to avoid repetitive code, and more. Links to the example and the download are over there!

The article is also an introduction to me as a new writer over there. I’m going to be doing Question & Answer articles every few weeks or so. The focus will … Read article “Smashing Sitemap”


#51: A Lesson Learned in Accessibility

Even when designing with our best intentions toward accessibility, it often takes someone who really uses accessibility software to test the site and help us get the details right. The problem is compounded when dealing with AJAX style behavior. That is exactly what happened with my jQuery FAQ example. What I thought was nicely accessible turned out to not be. This screencast walks through what I needed to do to fix it.

Links from Video:

Read article “#51: A Lesson Learned in Accessibility”

Quick Notes

…and the winner of the Learning jQuery book giveaway is:

Nick from Crealities. I’ll be in touch, Nick, to get your mailing address. Thanks to everyone who commented to win. Next time I’ll try and get more stuff so everyone has a better chance to win.

Remember you can pick up copy right from Packt if you want to buy it. They offer 10% the cover price getting it from them. Otherwise check out the bookshelf for a link … Read article “Quick Notes”


Put a Subdomain on a Different Server

Over at Are My Sites Up we have a blog to keep users updated with new features, current issues and stuff like that. If, god forbid, the site were to go down, that blog wouldn’t do us a heck of a lot of good in keeping people up to date if it was on the same server.

The solution is to simply keep the blog on a different server. But I didn’t want to have the blog feel like some … Read article “Put a Subdomain on a Different Server”


#50: Building a Customized and Dynamic Ordering Form

Real-life clients have real-life needs for their websites. They don’t care about your fancy RSS feeds and AJAX, they just want their website to do what they tell you they want it to do. In this screencast I walk through an example feature I am building for a real-life client who needed some very specific functionality built into a page. It is an ordering process that needs to check for a valid zip code, and then do a bunch of … Read article “#50: Building a Customized and Dynamic Ordering Form”


Tracking Clicks, Building a Clickmap with PHP and jQuery

This demo and article was originally created by Jay Salvat and can be seen here in French. Thanks Jay! The Plan
  • Record the X and Y coordinates of the mouse cursor when it is clicked on a web page.
  • Save those coordinates to a database
  • When called, display a “clickmap” on top of the web page visually displaying the locations of those clicks.

Because it’s a cool proof of concept. Should you use this in production and base … Read article “Tracking Clicks, Building a Clickmap with PHP and jQuery”