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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

From The Forums

Yesterday I "upgraded" the forums from phpBB 3.0.0 to 3.0.2. It was a bit of a debacle, probably mostly my fault, and it was down for a lot of the day. It's back up and running now though! Apparently it fixed an issue one user was having with IE 7, so that's cool. I did lose the some of the "search" data from the database, so searches in the forums might be kinda limited for a while (if anyone knows … Read article


Messing With Firefox’s View Source CSS File

Firefox has a number of core CSS files that it uses to render web pages. Most of them are filled with sensible default values for all those pages out there which don't provide their own styling. For example, Firefox has its own CSS file just for forms called forms.css which gives form elements their special Firefox form look. This file differs from defaults in other browsers, hence the common need for CSS resets to yield cross browser consistency. But I … Read article


Links of Interest

Tutorial Search

When I was doing that video on Google Search I thought to myself wouldn't it be cool to make a search engine that only searched through design/development sites? I talked myself out of it, because I started to think you'd be better off searching regular Google instead of limiting yourself to certain sites. Reader Art Webb clearly had the same idea, and built I almost wish I hadn't talked myself out of it, because in … Read article


How To Deal With An No-Longer-Semantic ID or Class Name

Errol writes in:

What's your thoughts on a situation where you've started
naming classes and then halfway through you realize that
you need the same class but the naming isn't semantic.

Do you create a duplicate class, rename the existing one
to something more general, or something else?

For example:

I'll have a #modules_list_footer but now I need the same thing
for articles, so I could just use modules but it
should be "#articles_list_footer".

Read article

Improving the Default Directory View

You've all seen a page like this:

That's when you are viewing a directory on a server (or locally), that doesn't have an "index" page to show you, but does have permissions set to allow you to see the directories contents. Different browsers have different takes on it. Here is Fx3:

None of them are exactly shining examples of user-friendliness, but they'll do. After all, chances are all you need to do is quickly scan the contents and click on … Read article


Links of Interest

Fade Out Bottom (revisited)

The first post that was ever popular on CSS-Tricks was my tutorial on fading out the bottom of a website. Reader Pascal Moret wrote in with some suggestions for fixing it up for IE 6. I figured what the heck, might as well get it fixed up for those folks who might want to use it but are worried about that. The live demo is updated as well as the download.


Override Inline… Read article

IE 6 Blocker Script

Fed up with supporting IE 6? Ready to just cut it off? I don't blame you. I generally feel that most problems people have with IE 6 are pretty easy to work around with practice, but that is not always the case, and I feel like the JavaScript support is even more problematic for developers.

Many times it just comes down to how best to spend your time. If you have to choose between designing and coding a neat new … Read article


Weird File Requests and Easing Server Stress with .htaccess

I got an email from Media Temple (my hosting provider for CSS-Tricks) telling me that I was going to exceed my "GPU" limit for the month. Wha? Turns out a GPU is a "Grid Performance Unit" and is a Media Temple specific way to calculate how much server resources you are using. I think everything but database stuff is included in this. They provide a "GPU Tool" as part of their interface to show you what parts of your website … Read article


Launch: Status

Today is the unveiling day of a new web application I've been working on the past few months. I am pleased to announce: Status. I worked on it with my friend Richard of Shiftedfrequency.

What is Status?

Status is a communication tool that is all about private groups. You can either start a group, or get invited to an already existing group. Within your groups, there is but one single function, and that is to "Check in". When … Read article