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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

Links of Interest

Seasonal CSS

I enjoyed this idea by John Leschinski over on Blogging Tips on how to use a little PHP and CSS to make "seasonal CSS". You simply spit out the date right inside the class name of the body tag:

<BODY class="date<?php echo date("md"); ?>">

Then you can write CSS like:

.date1225 { background: url(images/christmastrees.png); }

Instead of having PHP spit out the date, you could use it to spit out a random number as well, which … Read article


Roundup of Design Galleries

I have a Happy New Year's gift for all you CSS-Tricks readers! It's a big roundup of all those web design galleries that are so popular these days. I've been wanting do a round of these for a while, and then when I finally started looking into it I found that there are tons and tons of them. Where to begin?

Well I just started looking -- I looked at easily over 100 of them. Then I compiled a list … Read article


What do you use to write your CSS?

I promise I won't go poll crazy, but since we had so much fun with the CSS Skill Level poll I thought I'd open up a new one. This one asks for your CSS editor of choice.

If I have omitted anything major, let me know quick and I'll add it to the poll before too many responses come in. Cast your vote in the sidebar. Sorry (again) for RSS readers, you'll have to make the jump to vote.… Read article


How To Make Walking Links

While screwing around at the ol' Zen Garden, I ran into a pretty neat little effect for underlined links. We've talked about this before, but never incorporating animation.

A "walking link" is a link with a dotted underline created by a background image. Upon rollover or active state, the dots become animated and begin to walk. This is done with a simple image swap on hover or active state, with both background images being created from the same … Read article


CSS Skill Level Survey RESULTS

....and the results are in!

As of this morning, 735 people responded to the CSS Skill Level survey. This was really interesting for me because until now I really had no idea what kind of skill level the readers of CSS-Tricks where at. I'm impressed!

I hope to keep this information in mind as I am coming up with tutorial ideas in the future. Although, as always, posts will be vary in topic and will likely span all the different … Read article


Using The Best Ampersand Available

I really like one of the typographic tricks Mark Boulton makes in his "Better Typography" presentation. (Slideshow of the presentation here. Around slide #109) He suggests "using the best ampersand available". This just means that on some typefaces, the ampersand character can be a little lackluster and it can make a big improvement in style and readability to swap it out for another typeface. His (great) example is from SimpleBits:

Now that's a nice looking ampersand. You might even … Read article


Misconceptions about PNG

1. PNG is great, but I can't use them because they don't work in Internet Explorer.

This is one is almost entirely false. PNGs of any flavor will display in Internet Explorer, even back to some pretty old versions. The problem here is the alpha transparency of PNG-24's doesn't work in IE 6. That's it. if you don't need alpha transparency, you can do anything with PNG in IE that you could in any other browser. If you DO need … Read article


Web Typography Study: The Design Canopy

Web design studio The Design Canopy (update October 2012: Design Canopy link is dead) is a beautifully designed site that makes use of a variety of beautiful web typography techniques. Here are some screen shots from different areas of the site that I find particularly nice.

The technique I want to focus on a little is from the first image. I LOVE that small sub-head/big header look. The best way to work is to first think about what you are … Read article


Links of Interest

Table Cloth

Alen Grakalic of CSS Globe has released Tablecloth, a really nice table framework.


The Glass Wall

I know I'm almost 6 years late on this one, but I just read "The Glass Wall" for the first time. "The Glass Wall" is a comprehensive walk through of the re-design process of BBC homepage. Some of it feels a little hokey-outdated and obvious, but much of it rings true. I can imagine 6 years ago this … Read article


A Quick and Dirty Way To Randomize an Image

Here is a little trick for randomizing banners on your website. A bit quick and dirty. It needs to be on a PHP page to work.

First off we need to setup a folder on your server where the pictures will go. We need to name the pictures in order, for example, mypicture1.jpg, mypicture2.jpg and mypicture3.jpg and so on.

The next step is to edit your banner code on your website to reflect your … Read article

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