Architecting With Next.js

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Free event hosted by Netlify coming up next week (Wednesday, August 25th): Architecting with Next.js. It’s just a little half-day thing. No brainer.

Join us for a special event where we’ll highlight business teams using Next.js in production, including architecture deep dives, best practices and challenges. Next.js is the fastest-growing framework for Jamstack developers. With a compelling developer experience and highly performant results, it’s an emerging choice for delivering customer-facing sites and apps.

Next.js is such a nice framework, it’s no surprise to me it’s blowing up. It’s in React, a framework familiar to tons of people, thus enabling component-based front-ends, with common niceties built right in, like CSS modules. It produces HTML output, so it’s fast and good for SEO. It has smart defaults, so you’re rarely doing stuff like schlubbing your way through webpack config (unless you need that control, then you can). It does basic routing without you having to code it. Good stuff.

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