AnythingZoomer jQuery Plugin

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You have a small area. You mouse over it. An area pops up giving you a zoomed in closer look. This is a jQuery plugin that does it. I’m not going to tell you what you should use it for or elaborate use-case scenarios. Your own creativity can help you there.

It’s flexible in many ways, in that the “small”, “large”, and “zoom” areas are all pretty easy to customize (via CSS). It’s inflexible in other ways, in that it doesn’t “automatically” work by cloning content or anything like that (which is arguably more flexible), and the HTML structure is fairly rigid.

In the emerging custom of jQuery plugins that benefit from demos, I’ve put several demos and the documentation for it all in one place.

See Demos & Download

We can keep the comments/discussion here though. So if anyone has any ideas for how to make it better/smarter/cooler, let me know!

Aug 30 2011 – This demo has been plugin-ized by Mottie. I’m going to keep a live demo on this site (current as of this update) but the latest and greatest should be gotten from the GitHub repo.