An Annotated Docker Config for Front-End Web Development

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Andrew Welch sings the praises of using Docker containers for local dev environments:

Here are the advan­tages of Dock­er for me:

• Each appli­ca­tion has exact­ly the envi­ron­ment it needs to run, includ­ing spe­cif­ic ver­sions of any of the plumb­ing need­ed to get it to work (PHP, MySQL, Post­gres, whatever)
• Onboard­ing oth­ers becomes triv­ial, all they need to do is install Dock­er and type docker-compose up and away they go
• Your devel­op­ment envi­ron­ment is entire­ly dis­pos­able; if some­thing goes wrong, you just delete it and fire up a new one
• Your local com­put­er is sep­a­rate from your devel­op­ment envi­ron­ment, so switch­ing com­put­ers is triv­ial, and you won’t run into issues where you hose your com­put­er or are stuck with con­flict­ing ver­sions of DevOps services
• The cost of try­ing dif­fer­ent ver­sions of var­i­ous ser­vices is low; just change a num­ber in a .yaml file, docker-compose up, and away you go

Here’s an, uhm, very different perspective I’m anonymously posting that I snagged from a group Slack:

I have spent basically the whole day fucking around with Docker bullshit.

This has now cost the client literally thousands of dollars in me not getting any actual work done. The setup was created by the dev team, who are great, but the brittle, unstable nature of this is, well, bullshit.

I get the motivation but everyone knows that Docker is horribly slow on the Mac. It has for several years and yet it’s still in use. I just don’t get it.

Is there any way that developing with Docker on a Mac can not suck? Asking for a friend. Who is me.

Diff’rent Strokes.

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