grid-row-span / grid-column-span

Warning: these properties have been removed from the spec. This removal was before stable versions of grid shipped in browsers, so they likely are not supported at all.

The grid-row-span property defines the number of rows the item will occupy. If not specified, the item will only occupy its own cell. A positive value will expand the item to next rows. The grid-column-span property is the same except it extends an item across multiple columns.

If you're familiar with <table> layout, think of it like how colspan or rowspan attributes works on table cells.

.element {
  grid-row-span | grid-column-span: <integer> [DEFAULT: 1]


Browser Support

This browser support data is from Caniuse, which has more detail. A number indicates that browser supports the feature at that version and up.



Mobile / Tablet

iOS SafariOpera MobileOpera MiniAndroidAndroid ChromeAndroid Firefox


  1. User Avatar
    Antonio Bonifati
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    No support for things GUI toolkits had in the 80s. How long do we have to wait more? It is ridicules Google, who makes the dominant browser Chrome, does not support this… and forces us to write tricky and troublesome code in order to properly layout web pages.

  2. User Avatar
    Florence Maurice
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    grid-row-span and grid-column-span are no longer part of the specification.

  3. User Avatar
    Justin McDowell
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    For the record, you can now accomplish this using the grid-column-end property instead:

    grid-column-end: span 3;

    See it in action here:

    • User Avatar
      Russell Bishop (@RussellBishop)
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      That’s really helpful Justin – thanks!

  4. User Avatar

    I am using grid-column: span int to do it. Seems to work fine. So to span 3 cols would be: grid-column: span 3;

  5. User Avatar
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    Hi everyone,
    i got an autofill columns layout up to 6 cols, i want to see no less then 2 columns on mobile device (an iphone 8 for example)… i got this making giving a different minmax size on certain media query.
    Now: i want on bigger screensizes (desktop) the last 2 columns to become a single one, so i used grid-column: span 2 on the last col of the row, but when i see the page back on the iphone screen i cannot see at all the spanned column.
    do you know why?
    thanks in advance for your help.

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