Affiliate Program for Are My Sites Up

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There is now an official affiliate program for Are My Sites Up where you can earn money through referring people to our service.

Here are the basics:

  1. You sign up.
  2. You get an email when you are approved with a link to your special affiliate page. Here you get your unique affiliate URL which you can use anywhere you like as well as custom graphics and copy-and-paste code.
  3. You earn 20% on any sale. That’s five bucks on Standard, ten bucks on Plus, and fifteen bucks on Pro.

How It Works

Many affiliate programs work by requiring that the sale happens in the same session as when the person first clicked through to the site. Or, they try to throw you a bone and save a temporary cookie on the users system so that if they come back later and buy, if the cookie is still there, the affiliate gets the sale.

Our affiliate system is baked right into our system, and doesn’t rely on any fragile client-side technology to honor affiliates. When a user signs up (even for a FREE account), your affiliate code is stored along with them. If that user EVER upgrades to beyond a free account, be it that day or a year from now, you will get the credit for that sale.

Other Things To Know

We pay out instantly. If an account receipt rolls through with your code on it, we’ll shoot you over your share right away, no waiting around for a month or two.

Are My Sites Up is a really simple “do one thing well” type of application. As such, it is very easy to explain and easy to sell to people. This isn’t the Cornballer® here, this is a real product that actually helps people. AMSU is priced very competitively in the market, so if you find some folks you think would benefit, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince them!

Need Anything?

This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, so anything that I can do to help out I will. Get in touch if I can create any custom graphics for your site or answer any questions.