Less Ridiculous Standard Ad Sizes

I recently said that I thought the current "standard" pixel dimensions for ads are ridiculous. 728x90? 88 x 31? Wha? I have a new idea: ad sizes that make sense.

Let's start with a basic building block. 125x125 is very popular, already a current "standard", and supported by a wide variety of ad networks. So if we start there, and chose a reasonable gutter size (10px), we can build a whole system of ad sizes that make sense.

Using just this block and the 10px gutters we can get a whole bunch of rational sizes:

125x125 260x125 395x125 530x125 665x125 800x125
125x260 260x260 395x260 530x260 665x260 800x260
125x395 260x395 395x395 530x395 665x395 800x395
125x530 260x530 395x530 530x530 665x530 800x530
125x665 260x665 395x665 530x665 665x665 800x665
125x800 260x800 395x800 530x800 665x800 800x800

Our 125px building block is also divisible by 5, making 25px.

So, we can substitute and multiple of 25 (e.g. 25px, 50px, 75px, 100px, 200px, etc) for heights as needed. Need more of a button size: how about 125x25px?


Any thoughts?

If I were to build a new site that incorporated ad sizes, I'd definitely do this (or something very similar), rather than try to "accommodate" old ridiculous sizes like 728px that have nothing to do with anything. And besides, if an advertiser can't be troubled to make an ad to a specific and rational size, we probably aren't going to be a good match anyway.