A Visual, Intuitive Approach to Project Management

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You know how valuable project management is for teams of any size. Whether you’re a small shop or full-blown agency, your clients and projects depend on tracked deliverables, solid communication, and a clear breakdown of the work that’s needed.

You may have a love/hate relationship with whatever project management platform you’re using or have used in the past. It’s common for a platform to be missing that one feature you really need that would make the tool so much better and your work that much easier. But you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and ditch project management altogether, right?

That’s where monday.com comes in.

What separates monday.com from any other project management tool is the way it humanizes your team and connects each person to the project, rather than treating folks like resources. It sets up a workflow that encourages collaboration and transparency so that no one is left out of the process, every one has a voice, and each person is truly contributing to the big picture and greater good of a project.

Speaking of collaboration and transparency, you can upload your project files directly into monday.com so everyone has easy access to the assets they need to get work done. And, if you’re already using other services like Slack, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Microsoft Excel, Trello, and Jira, there are clean shortcuts to integrate them right in without hassle. Imagine that — one place for everything!

Oh, and you can use monday.com for client-facing exchanges. That means all your messages are consolidated into a single place so that nothing slips through the cracks. No more digging for some lost email or using Reply All on an email chain. It’s all right there so you, your team and your clients are all on the same page.

There’s a whole lot more monday.com can do, from task lists and timelines to news feeds and financial reporting, but the real proof comes in using it yourself. Try monday.com for free with no risk and zero commitment. You’ll be glad you did.

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