A Microsite Showcasing Coding Fonts

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We made one! It’s open source if you want to make it better or fix things.

There are quite a few purpose-built fonts for writing code. The point of this site is to show you some of the nicest options so you can be aware of them and perhaps pick one out to try that suites your taste.

We used screenshots of the code to display just so we could show off some of the paid fonts without managing a license just for this site, and for fonts without a clear way to link them up (like San. Also because setting up the screenshotting process was kinda fun.

High Fives

Special high five to Jonathan Land who helped a ton getting the site together including literally all the design work. Also to Sendil Kumar who had the original idea for a blog post like this, before the idea grew up into a full blown microsite. And finally to all the contributors so far.


There are still more fonts to add. If you want to add one, feel free to make a PR. Or if you’re unsure if it will be accepted or not, open an issue first. I’d like to keep any of the fonts we add fairly high quality. There is also a current bug with some of the ligatures not showing properly in the screenshots of some of the fonts. I’m sure we’ll sort it out eventually, but I’d love an assist there if you are particularly knowledgeable in that area.

Open issues here.