A Bit on CI/CD

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I’d say “website” fits better than “mobile app” but I like this framing from Max Lynch:

Every production mobile app ultimately has a set of recurring tasks around integration, testing, deployment, and long term maintenance. These tasks often must be automated across a team of many developers and app projects. Building a process for these tasks can be incredibly time consuming and require specialized infrastructure experience, but is critical for the success of any serious app project.

They are talking about “Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment,” or CI/CD.

Everybody is trying to get you on their CI/CD tooling, and it’s obvious why: it’s a form of lock-in. This stuff is hard, so if they can help make it easier, that’s great, but they tend to do it in their own special way, which means you can’t just up and leave without causing a bunch of work for yourself. I ain’t throwing shade, it’s just how it is.

So much CI/CD stuff crosses my attention:

I’m probably missing at least 20 companies here. Like I say, everybody wants you on their system. They want you storing your secrets there. They want you configuring your permissions there.