A Guide to 2016 Front-End Conferences

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2016 is past!

Check out our always-updated site for upcoming front-end conferences!

It’s difficult to keep track of all of the great talks and conferences happening in our industry. Sometimes you may find out too late that an event is taking place, and it’s a real shame when it’s an something you might have attended. We’ve compiled this list so you can see what’s happening, both in your hometown, and abroad. This list will be updated throughout the year.


JS Remote Conf

Date: January 14-16
Location: Online
Theme: JavaScript
Link: https://jsremoteconf.com/

SVG Summit

Date: January 21
Location: Online
Theme: SVG
Link: http://environmentsforhumans.com/2016/svg-summit/
Price: $120 – $179



Date: February 10
Location: San Francisco, CA
Link: ForwardJS.com
Theme: JavaScript
Price: $179


Date: February 11
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Link: http://www.webstock.org.nz/16/
Price: $1195 – $1595 (Though workshops are as low as $395)

React.js Conf

Date: February 22
Location: San Francisco, CA
Link: https://conf.reactjs.com
Theme: ReactJS
Price: $200

JavaScript Summit

Date: February 23-25
Location: Online
Link: http://environmentsforhumans.com/2016/javascript-summit/
Theme: JavaScript


O’Reilly Fluent

Date: March 8-10
Location: San Francisco, CA
Link: http://conferences.oreilly.com/fluent/javascript-html-us
Price: ~$1595

An Event Apart

Date: March 14-16
Location: Nashville
Link: http://aneventapart.com/event/nashville-2016
Price: $499 – $1290


Date: March 15-16
Location: Oxford, UK
Link: http://smashingconf.com/
Price: $399

Design it; Build it

Date: March 17
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Theme: Design & Front-End Dev
Link: http://www.dibiconference.com
Price: £300

JSLovers Tech Conf

Date: March 20
Location: New Delhi, India
Theme: JavaScript


Date: March 29
Location: Portland, Oregon
Theme: Ember.js and Front-End Development
Link: http://emberconf.com

Clarity Conf

Date: March 31- April 1
Location: San Francisco, CA
Theme: Styleguides
Link: http://clarityconf.com/
Price: $500

RWD Summit

Date: March 29-31
Location: online
Theme: Responsive Web Design and Development
Link: http://environmentsforhumans.com/2016/responsive-web-design-summit/
Price: $179-$399


Location: Melbourne, AUS
Details to come


Fronteers Spring Thing

Date: April 1
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Link: https://fronteers.nl/spring

Space City JS

Date: April 2
Location: Houston, TX
Theme: JavaScript
Link: http://spacecity.codes/
Price: $200

An Event Apart

Date: April 4-6
Location: Seattle
Link: http://aneventapart.com/event/seattle-2016
Price: $499 – $1290


Date: April 5-6
Location: San Francisco, CA
Link: http://smashingconf.com/sf-2016/
Price: $599


Date: April 7
Location: Sydney, AU
Theme: Responsive Web Development
Link: http://www.webdirections.org/respond16/
Price: 999 AUS

JSConf Uruguay

Date: April 15-16
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Link: https://jsconf.uy/

React Amsterdam

Date: April 16
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Link: http://react-amsterdam.com/
Price: €137.73–€263.76

Industry Conf

Date: April 20
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Link: https://industryconf.com/
Price: £150

Render Conf

Date: April 21
Location: Oxford, UK
Link: http://2016.render-conf.com
Price: £275 to £420


Date: April 22
Location: New York, NY
Link: http://www.generateconf.com/new-york-2016
Price: $375

Open Vis Conf

Date: April 25- 26
Location: Boston, MA
Theme: Data Visualization
Link: https://openvisconf.com/
Price: $599

Empire JS

Date: April 26-27
Location: New York, NY
Theme: JavaScript
Link: http://empirejs.org/


Date: tbd
Location: San Francisco
Link: http://html5devconf.com/


Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Details to come


Future Insights Live

Date: May 2-5
Location: Chicago, IL
Link: https://futureinsightslive.com/chicago-2016/
Price: tbd


Date: May 4
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Theme: Angular
Link: http://www.ng-conf.org
Price: $1200

Beyond Tellerrand

Date: May 9-11
Location: Dusseldorf, Germany
Link: http://beyondtellerrand.com/
Price: €179 early bird, €279 standard

CSSConf Budapest

Date: May 11
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Link: http://cssconfbp.rocks/
Price: €135

JSConf Budapest

Date: May 12
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Link: http://jsconfbp.com
Price: €133 – €269


Date: May 12-13
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Theme: User Experience and Product Managers
Link: https://frontutah.com/

An Event Apart

Date: May 16-18
Location: Boston, MA
Link: http://aneventapart.com/event/boston-2016
Price: $499 – $1290

UX London

Date: May 18-20
Location: London, England
Theme: UX
Details to come

Front Trends

Date: May 18-20
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Link: http://2016.front-trends.com/


Date: May 18-19
Location: Austin, TX
Theme: Open Source
Link: http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/open-source

Valio Con

Date: May 19-22
Location: San Diego, CA
Theme: For Designers and Makers
Link: http://valiocon.com/


Date: May 20
Location: Newport, South Wales
Link: http://port80events.co.uk

User Experience Lisbon

Date: May 24-27
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Link: https://www.ux-lx.com/
Price: €245-€795

Frontend United

Date: May 27
Location: Ghent
Link: http://frontendunited.org/


CSSconf Nordic

Date: June 1
Location: Oslo, Norway
Link: cssconf.no

Web Rebels

Date: June 2
Location: Oslo, Norway
Link: https://www.webrebels.org/

React Europe

Date: June 2-3
Location: Paris, France
Theme: ReactJS
Link: https://www.react-europe.org/


Date: June 3
Location: Faenza, Italy
Theme: Web Typography and Design
Link: http://2016.kerning.it

UX Scotland

Date: June 8
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Theme: User Experience and Design
Link: uxscotland.net/2016/


Date: June 14-15
Location: New York, NY
Link: http://lanyrd.com/2016/smashingconf-new-york/
Price: $599

Front End Design Conference

Date: June 15-17
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Link: frontenddesignconference.com/

CSS Day + HTML Special

Date: June 16-17
Location: Compagnietheater, Amsterdam
Theme: Advanced Web Development, 1 day HTML & 1 day CSS
Link: http://cssday.nl/2016

Web Design Day

Date: June 24
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Theme: Design & Front-End Dev
Link: webdesignday.com



Date: July 15
Location: San Francisco, CA
Details to come

An Event Apart

Date: July 25-27
Location: Washington, DC
Link: http://aneventapart.com/event/washington-dc-2016
Price: $499 – $1290

CSS Summit 2016

Date: July 26
Location: Online
Theme: CSS, Sass, PostCSS, SVG, Design Systems, more
Link: http://CSSSummit.com/
Price: $249+


Date: July 28
Location: Sydney, Australia
Link: http://www.webdirections.org/code16/


Design & Content Conference

Date: August 1
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Theme: Design and Content
Link: http://www.designcontentconf.com/


Date: August 3
Location: Semiahmoo, Washington
Theme: JavaScript, CSS, Node, Community
Link: http://2016.cascadiafest.org/

CSSConf Argentina

Date: August 7
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Theme: CSS
Link: http://cssconfar.com/

React Rally

Date: August 25
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Theme: React
Link: http://reactrally.com

JS Conf Iceland

Date: August 25-26
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Link: http://2016.jsconf.is/

Nebraska JavaScript Conference

Date: August 26
Location: Omaha, NE
Link: https://nejsconf.com/


Date: August 27
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Theme: Diversity in Tech and Gaming
Link: http://www.alterconf.com/sessions/cape-town-south-africa

An Event Apart

Date: August 29-31
Location: Chicago, IL
Link: http://aneventapart.com/event/chicago-2016
Price: $499 – $1290



Date: tbd
Theme: Designing the Future
Details to come

Reasons to be Creative

Date: tbd
Location: Brighton, UK
Theme: Creativity
Details to come

Frontend Conference Zurich

Date: September 1
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Link: https://frontendconf.ch/

Nightly Build

Date: September 2
Location: Cologne, Germany
Link: https://www.nightlybuild.io/
Theme: The Simplicity of the Web combined with the Latest Technologies

Generate Sydney

Date: September 5
Location: Sydney, Australia
Link: http://lanyrd.com/2016/generate-sydney/

Full Stack Fest

Date: September 5
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Theme: Full stack development, historically focused on JS and Ruby
Link: http://2016.fullstackfest.com/


Date: September 8
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Link: http://nordicjs.com


Date: September 9
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Link: http://refresh.rocks/


Date: September 12-13
Location: Freiburg, Germany
Link: http://smashingconf.com/

ReactNext 2016

Date: September 15
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Link: http://react-next.com

From the Front

Date: September 15-16
Location: Bologna, Italy
Link: http://2016.fromthefront.it/


Date: September 17
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Link: http://ncdevcon.com/


Date: September 17–18
Location: Yekaterinburg in Russia
Link: http://fronttalks.ru/

Generate London

Date: September 21-23
Location: London, England
Link: http://lanyrd.com/2016/generate-london/

Mirror Conf

Date: September 23-24
Location: Braga, Portugal
Link: http://mirrorconf.com/
Price: 100 euro

CSS Conf

Date: September 26-27
Location: Boston, MA
Link: https://2016.cssconf.com/
Price: $499, Diversity Scholarships Available


Date: September 30- October 1
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Link: http://www.libertyjs.com/
Price: $50 – $150


An Event Apart

Date: October 3-5
Location: Orlando, FL
Link: http://aneventapart.com/event/orlando-special-edition-2016
Price: $1290 or $1615 (Special Edition Pricing)

View Source Berlin

Date: October 12
Location: Berlin, Germany
Link: https://viewsourceconf.org/berlin-2016/
Price: 250/350 euro

Full Stack Toronto

Date: October 17
Location: Toronto, Canada
Link: http://fsto.co
Price: $300

CSS Dev Conf

Date: October 17-19
Location: San Antonio, TX
Link: http://2016.cssdevconf.com/
Price: $495-$575

Front Porch

Date: October 20
Location: Dallax, TX
Link: http://frontporch.io/

An Event Apart

Date: October 21-Nov 2
Location: San Francisco
Link: http://aneventapart.com/event/san-francisco-2016
Price: $499 – $1290

Empire Node

Date: October 23
Location: New York, NY
Link: http://2015.empirenode.org/


Date: October 25-26
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Link: http://lanyrd.com/2016/smashingconf-barcelona/

Mixin Conf

Date: October 28
Location: Perth, Australia
Link: http://mixinconf.com/
Price: $450


Date: tbd
Location: San Francisco
Link: http://html5devconf.com/



Details to come

Full Frontal

Location: Brighton, UK
Link: http://2015.ffconf.org/
Details to come

View Source Seattle

Date: November 1
Location: Seattle, WA
Price: $400
Link: https://viewsourceconf.org/seattle-2016/

Graphical Web 2016

Date: November 1
Location: Exeter, United Kingdom
Theme: Visualizing a Connected World
Price: £205
Link: http://2016.graphicalweb.org/

ELA Conf

Date: November 4-5
Theme: Women in Tech Leadership
Link: http://elaconf.com/

Beyond Tellerrand

Date: November 7-9
Location: Berlin, Germany
Link: http://beyondtellerrand.com/
Price: €179 early bird, €279 standard


Date: November 11
Location: Nashville, TN
Theme: NodeJS
Link: http://nodevember.org/

CSS Conf Asia

Date: November 24
Location: Singapore
Theme: CSS
Link: https://2016.cssconf.asia/

JS Kongress Munich

Date: November 28
Location: Munich, Germany
Theme: Web, Hardware, Games
Link: http://js-kongress.de/


Date: November 30
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Theme: CSS
Link: http://2016.cssconf.com.au/


Date: tbd
Theme: typography
Details to come



Date: December 2
Location: Paris, France
Theme: CSS
Link: http://dotcss.io/
Price: €129 – €349


Date: December 3
Location: Chandler, Arizona
Theme: CSS
Link: http://cssday.io/
Price: $20 – $65


Date: December 5
Location: Paris, France
Theme: JavaScript
Link: http://dotjs.io
Price: €129 – €349

Sass Summit

Date: December 14
Location: online
Theme: Sass
Link: http://environmentsforhumans.com/2016/sass-summit/

We’ve created a Google Calendar so that you can easily see what events are going on. This calendar and post will be updated throughout the year.

If you have more information or details for any of the conferences listed, or information on a conference we might have missed, please fill out this form and we will update this page.