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Your Go-To Hex Code Color

Published by Chris Coyier

A few days ago I mused on Twitter:

When I need to pick a hex code color out of thin air, I always pick #ccc

Turns out, lots of folks have their own favorites! It's little mini conversations like this that make Twitter so much fun.


























any gray
























random letters and numbers



  1. My go to hex: #ebebeb

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    I love #ffc and #fcc. When I need to use gray, I pick #ddd

  3. Yay for twitter!
    speaking of randomly picked colors, when im debugging a site it, at some point if not always, consists of me putting a colored border on an element to see what will happen, i almost always go with 1px solid lime/pink/green/orange/red.
    this debugging scenario is the only time when i use the names of colors like this and usually proves pretty helpful.

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    I try to repeat this experiment, too! Great ;)

  5. sketchpad
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    depends on the time of day… but usually: #c0ffee

  6. Paul Davis
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    If only @c0ffee was actually brown, rather than that pale blue. =P

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    Because I used it umpteen times on a project a couple years back, #4d4d4d is my mock-up colour of choice.

  8. Léo Renaud
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    I usually go with #313131. Just like many of you, I used it a lot on a project somewhen and it just stuck. I like the “almost black but still gray” tones.

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    blue or yellow as word – I’m not really comfy with all the hex codes ;)

  10. Alf Brand
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    For me, if I need a block of color I go to #eee (Also my fav for zebra striping tables) and for debug outlines it’s always #c00.

  11. Charlie
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    I tend to use primary and secondary colours when creating a layout mock up. It makes for an eye watering mess of layout-y goodness.

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    If these colors say something about us (maybe as designers), I wonder if mine means I’m complex? Or that I think in hex? Or maybe that I just think too much?

    ; )

    (It’s Schoonology) – #2c80ff

  13. From a project I worked on for too long, these greys always pop in my head: #cecece and #9e9e9e!

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    #ccc or #0c0

  15. Paul Walker
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    If i’m debugging, I’ll pick #f0f (magenta), because I’d almost never use it otherwise.

    Otherwise, #223.

  16. usually #CCC or #FFF coz I often enough work with gray shadows ^-^ i love grey, looks modern somehow… helvetica neue ultralight in #CCC i could die for ^-^

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    it’s #ccc for me too! (and #f0f0f0 or #999 if I need something lighter/darker)

  18. kristin
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    How a bout deeppink and lightpink. my faves!

  19. Tyler
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    I go with #c0c0c0 or # and any three numbers or letters in a row.

  20. I use go-to hex only for debugging, and it’s “red” for it’s visibility and fast writing on my azerty keyboard ;p

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    Like me, it seems that a LOT of users fall back to the many shades of ‘grey’.

    This could be the reason so many websites out there have #cccccc, #999999, #666666 backgrounds.

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    Love it… I go for any letter-number pair at random just to see, f4f4f4, c8c8c8, f1f1f1… etc

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    lovely idea :)

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    Pfft, #CFCFCF.

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    I don’t know why, but I always use #eee for client projects when I need alternating row colors for divs.

  26. Anrkist
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    Let other people poking at your code know you mean business with 031337.

  27. Mel
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    Je préfère “red”. C’est court à écrire et facile a voir.

  28. I’m a huge fan of #EFEFEF and not sure why to this date.

  29. Valuediz
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    And I’m fan of #5a5a5a. I always using it for text.

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    Mine too is #ccc. It also happens to be one of the primary colors in the profile of the company I work for by pure coincidence.

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    Mine is also #ccc! that or “red” if Im just trying to see a div or something.

  32. I use #3172D3 as its my favourite blue, it always pops up on most of my sites at one point or another :)

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    I use #ececec – it’s the only one I can consistently remember. Else I just type random letters and see what happens :)

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    I use the color of love.

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