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Yay! CSS-Tricks Shirts!

Published by Chris Coyier

I know what you were just thinking. You were thinking, man, I love CSS-Tricks so much but nothing in my wardrobe helps me publicly display that. Right‽ Fret not. Now you can get your hands on one of these bad boys:

Just try and keep people from hitting on you in the grocery store when you wear this.

They are $20 each. Extra $5 if you need it shipped to not the United States. Choice of sand or gray colored shirt. We're going to take orders until September 23rd. Then we're going to print them the last week of September. Then ship them first week of October.

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  1. Paulo Motta
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    I would buy the shirt, you send to Brasil? – City São Paulo / State São Paulo
    Paulo Motta

    • Sure, just enter that as your address on the order form. It automatically adds USD $5 for international shipping.

  2. Got mine already, looks sweet!

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    Is that a guarantee? If so, I’m in for a couple dozen.

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      I’m taking a guess that he is quoting PCU… if he isn’t, he should be because that is an amazing movie that everyone must see!

  4. Chris
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    Any info on sizes Chris?

    • There is a dropdown of the sizes on the order form. I’m not sure what else to say… they seem pretty correct to me. I’m a big guy and the XXL fits me pretty decent.

  5. Austin Condiff
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    Are the ones in the main photo gray or sand?

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      They look a wee bit purple to me :)

    • Mark
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      They are sandy.

      I have one, it’s very nice

    • Austin Condiff
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      Hey Chris, can you confirm that they are the sand color in the box? I ordered a gray one but if those in the box pic are sand I’d like to change my order if possible. Thanks. =)

    • Ones in box photo above = gray

    • Austin Condiff
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      Ok, thanks! I can’t wait! Love the shirt! haha. Now I can show off how much of a nerd I really am!

  6. Derrick L
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    Love your teaching style and approach. I’m a newbie and while many things are above my current level ( for now ), it is from CSS-Tricks that I gained my first “a-ha” moment. Hopefully, many more “a-ha’s” will continue to flow my way. The information I have gained already is well beyond the cost of the shirts. Just bought two tees to show some love.

  7. Wow! Did you actually just use the interrobang in an actual sentence‽ I’m very impressed.

    • Tim Mackey
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      Haha, that was the first thing I noticed too! This is the first time I’ve seen one in the wild.

  8. I’m very impressed!!! looks sweet!

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    The shirts look awesome, I can’t wait to get one!

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    very cool shirts, i like to have one… Only to buy or website giveaways these css tshirts.?

  11. These appear to be American Apparel shirts. Can you confirm or deny this visual rumor?

  12. Mansoor
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    Can i have it in pakistan?

    • Yes. Just enter that as your shipping address on the order form. It will automatically add $5 for international shipping.

  13. Francis
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    hi Chris! Can u ship it here in Philippines?

    • Yep. Just enter that as your shipping address on the order form. It will automatically add $5 for international shipping.

  14. DJ
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    Chris… anyone who can turn a standard typewriter key into a logo and make money at it — deserves a shirt!

  15. ibura
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    yay! gr8 idea,
    is this the only design or there are more coming?????

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    Question is Chris, can you make the logo in CSS? ;)

  17. Eduard Ungureanu
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    YEEEEEEEEEY, just make my order. Thank you Chris for this opportunity!!! Thank you thank you. Such a great site/man with such a great content. You ROCK Chris. By the way I’m from Romania, Eastern Europe, hope this will not be any problem! Cheers

  18. @Chris


    is this just once you will print t-shirts or is there gonna be another chance in future?

    I am on a business trip and I won’t be able to pay / order before September 23rd

    otherwise I am buying ! :]]

  19. Whymarrh Whitby
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    Thanks for the shirts. I just ordered mine, and I’m counting down the days until I get it! I love your stuff: screencasts, articles, etc. It’s all high-quality and informative. Thanks a million!

  20. September 23 is a final deadline? (i move a new country, but i don’t know yet the right adress)

  21. Daquan Wright
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    Man this sucks, ah! If I get some moola, I’m buying!

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    Okay I thought it was ordinary people that didn’t read. It says $5 USD for orders OUTSIDE the UNITED STATES. Jesus, I would’ve flipped if I was Chris.

    @Anna_Funk: That comment makes a man [face_drool]

  23. Aaron
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    1 Ordered. These better make me faster, thinner, smarter and more awesome or I’m gonna be pissed! :)

  24. Jim
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    What company made the shirts? They look great! I’m looking to have some custom shirts done.

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    I want this shirt,but i am in far…

  26. Anthony
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    Just ordered mine….can’t wait and will be happy to be a walking commercial for CSS-Tricks!! : )

  27. They look pretty cool!! where can we order them from and do you ship to the UK?

  28. Charbs
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    Can’t wait for my gray one. Will publicize the hell out of CSS-Tricks!

  29. Any thoughts on having hoodies or long sleeve t-shirts made?

  30. Jimmy
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    These are pretty sweet! Where did you get them printed? They look sharp!

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    Yes. Great shirt for my evenings on the corner of 53rd and 3rd.

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    Ahhh yeah…. I ordered two: one in sand, one in grey. Very excited to get these. :)

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    I’m very impressed!!! looks sweet! Can I buy it from Croatia (Europe)?

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    Yesterday I bought one from Spain, waiting happy until october…))

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    This is awesome! Congratulations on your new clothing line haha, well printed t-shirt

  36. Charbs
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    BTW, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more shirts with css code printed on the back or something. Or even beanies and hats etc.

  37. peter
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    So, I would be paying you for me to advertise for your website?
    Good luck with that one… ;-)

    Just yanking yr chain, looks good.

  38. Patrick 'streetcatalyst' Ojeh
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    Oops! maybe i was late.. still got the shirts? Location: Lagos, Nigeria.. ? any hope :/

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    Loved the color but not the graphic. I would love and definitely purchase one if it had some geeky code on it {just like the start of CSS-Tricks videos}

  40. :) you’ve got some mix of colors -> white on white and it all goes on white t-shirt :)

    admit it – it is strange

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    Those. Photos. Are. Hilarious!

  42. Michelle
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    I need to get this shirt <3

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    ordered two. thx for all the code.

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    ooh will get one of these. Thnx

  45. You could use to sell them!

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