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Winner Winner

Published by Chris Coyier

Super group hug and jumping high fives for everyone. I was honored to accept the Outstanding Contribution award for The Net Awards this year. The entire internet got to vote in the first round, then a select group of peers voted in the second round, so that's makes it a double-special thing to win.

I sadly couldn't make the ceremony, but I saw lots of pictures and heard nothing but great things. I sent them this acceptance video to play in my absence:

And to literally double the honor, Dave Rupert and I also won Podcast of the Year. Dave wasn't able to attend either, so we made this Thank You page and sent in this acceptance video:



  1. Parker Bennett

    Richly deserved! Congrats on both accounts.

  2. Well done Chris. You deserve it.

  3. Hey Chris, Congratulations …..

  4. Lucas

    Love your posts! You really deserve that award – you really do.

  5. Deedee

    Congratulations and thanks for everything!

  6. GaryC

    Good job, congratulations!! CSS Tricks & ShopTalk: keeping web designers almost sane!

  7. jon trillana

    mabuhay! great job guys!

  8. philtune

    Wow Chris, you’re really looking good. I hadn’t seen you in a while I guess. Go positive lifestyle changes! And congratulations!

  9. Bill

    Congrats. You definitely deserve it – I was literally afraid of css before I found your site.

  10. Congratulations, brother! Well done and well deserved!

  11. Katrina

    You guys rock! Well deserved for both awards!!! Congratulations!!!

  12. JoeShmoe

    Congrats!!! You definitely deserve the award!!!

  13. Congrats, Chris!

  14. RioBrewster

    Congrats. I’ve learned so much since I subscribed to your blog. Keep up the good work so I can too!

  15. Ophelie

    Wohoo! Way to go, Chris. Very well deserved.

  16. Eazy-E

    You truly deserve it! Great work.

  17. Greatly deserved! Congrats.

  18. Congrats, old boy – you deserve it!

  19. Jose

    congrats chris and thanks for helping out.

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