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Podcasts I Like

Published by Chris Coyier

I do this podcast called ShopTalk Show with Dave Rupert. If you like this blog you'll probably like that show. We bring on guests but it's mostly a listener Q&A show. I've had a few folks ask me what podcasts I listen to, so I thought I'd make a list and attempt to keep it updated.


The East Wing with Tim Smith & Galen Gidman gets a ton of heavy hitters and gets them talking about their past and what they do. This duo also does Young Guns Show which is focused on interviewing some of the amazing young talent in the industry.

The Big Web Show is on 5by5 and hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman who I'm sure you all know. Jeffrey can get at the big questions with his breadth of experience in this industry.

The Industry Radio Show with Adam Stacoviak, Drew Wilson, and Jared Erondu bring on various guests to talk about the web industry. I always learn about some apps that I never knew existed. Adam also does Founder's Talk where he talks with founders of businesses in the computer industry.

The Web Ahead with Jen Simmons is also on 5by5. It is an interview show but Jen brings a lot of her own web experience to the shows. Plus she has a nice soft soothing voice.

The Non Breaking Space Show with Christopher Schmitt, Dave McFarland, and Chris Enns brings in the "web’s best and brightest" for chats. Christopher has a good sense of what's interesting right now since he's heard it all as a mass conference organizer. Dave is also sharp as a tack and clear spoken, perhaps from his life as a teacher.

In the PageBreak podcast, Niki Brown and Liz Andrade read books about the web and then talk about them on the show. Lately they've added enjoyable "snippets" episodes with smaller non-book-related topics.

The host lineup for the SitePoint Podcast seems to be different a lot, but Louis Simoneau and Kevin Dees are on it a lot. The topics are sometimes interviews but just as often some hot topic in the industry. Kevin also does Web Weekly TV with Jonas Flint.

This Developer's Life episodes are few and far between, but they are very well produced. It's tempting to tell Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman to speed up, but let's not ruin a perfect thing.

I listen to most of the episodes of the above podcasts. Kinda depends on how much time I spend in the car or doing non-thinky computer work which is when podcasts get mass-consumed by me. I dabble in others where I'll download and listen a show or two here and there, like Build and Analyze, This Week in Tech, Security Now, or MacCast.

For non-tech podcasts, I absolutely love This American Life, RadioLab, Planet Money, and MonsterTalk.

What are your favorites?


  1. Podcasts I Like: ShopTalkShow

  2. A nice article, with many many useful links. I should checkout them very soon!

  3. All fairly good shows. I too am a fan of Monster Talk :)

  4. Let’s Make Mistakes My favorite podcast. A great mix of current events, humor, and a lite sprinkling of design talk.
    The ATX Web Show Fun podcast with good discussion on trends and issues in web design. The theme song alone is worth subscribing.
    Boag World Podcast A great podcast with knowledgable hosts and guests that cover everything from front end to back end.
    Deeply Graphic Designcast a pretty good podcast about all kinds of design, not just web.

  5. I’d like to quickly cast some praise on the Shop Talk Show, Chris and Dave have consistently improved the quality and production value, as well as the content and guests featured on the show. It has very quickly moved from a “just check it out once” podcast, to a “regularly scheduled broadcast” for my normal podcast consumptions. Cheers to you guys!

    Additionally, some of the other podcasts I enjoy – those specifically related to the web, development, and design which aren’t already mentioned by Chris in this post – are the Forrst Podcast, Founder’s Talk (another 5by5 production), and Think Vitamin Radio. Although, some of these podcasts have either gone on hiatus or dissolved all together. Even more reason to thank Chris and Dave for creating great podcast content for us code-monkey-types!

    Keep it up guys!

  6. Let’s Make Mistakes and Running from the Law on are two I listen to every week along with Shoptalk and This Week inTech. If you liked F*ck you, Pay Me you will probably like the first two.

  7. For tech podcasts (mostly programming with focus on .NET and web), I like: Hanselminutes, Jesse Liberty’s YapCast, and som eepisodes of .NET Rocks (I wish these were shorter). For non-tech, I absolutely love the ones you mention (except the monster thing) plus NPR’s Fresh Air and Intelligence Squared U.S., Freakonomics. I used to get a lot of pleasure out of NPR’s Car Talk and Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me, but don’t have much time for entertainment lately.

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    yayQuery! It may not be running any more but the past episodes are on iTunes. The guys who put it together are insanely smart and hilarious. Pure genius.

  9. As mentioned in your post The Web Ahead is usually very informative. I’d also recommend The Critical Path on 5by5 its a great podcast about the mobile industry from a analysis point of view. For non tech podcasts I’d recommend Startalk for science nerds like myself. Neil deGrasse Tyson usually has entertaining guests on.

  10. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been fumbling around trying to find some additional pertinent podcast beyond Shop Talk Show & The Non Breaking Space Show. I’m looking forward to listening to them all.

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    Thanks for sharing, Chris. I’ve recently found Sitepoint’s podcasts a few weeks ago and really like their dynamic. But it feels like there’s too much time in between. So I’ll fill in the gaps with your suggestions.

  12. Just discovered Non-Breaking-Space last night and I can confirm that it is excellent.

    • By the way, I had six hours of driving to do today. I really wish this article had been posted yesterday. I come home now to see it…

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    The Joe Rogan Experience and Freakonomics Radio. Sometimes I also listen to Stuff You Should Know and The Age of Persuasion CBC Radio.

  14. Fat Seanny
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    I’m shocked I didn’t find (non-dev) The Moth, On The Media, Science Times, and The Truth on your list. You must just not have the time… Thank you.

  15. Azik
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    Useful stuff man!

  16. I don’t know what will I click first LOL! so much link , great stuff

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    Great list, Chris. A lot of stuff to check out, thanks!

  18. Woah! This list is awesome. I am so honored to be on it! Thanks Chris! The other shows you talk about are great too. Love The Web Ahead and I also recommend Geek Friday. It’s hilarious. Dave will back me up on that one.

  19. Thank you for this list. I totally missed The Industry Radio Show and The Non Breaking Space Show until now.

  20. Steven Gardner
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    Can’t beat Shoptalk for a web based podcast!

  21. Are you into UX & Rock’n Roll? This podcast is for you: IATV Radio,

  22. Great post, just what I needed for summer vacations.

    ShopTalkShow is awesome. I Really enjoy the show.

  23. I feel like I need to up my game and start listening to more podcasts. Cheers for this list of ones to check out, ill get on it tonight after work…

  24. Thanks for these! I had no idea there were so many out there. I mainly go to BoagWorld for my web-podcast fix. Surprised you didn’t list that one here.

  25. I listen to The 404 podcast by CNet, really good tech / pop culture show

  26. <– With Adam Curry and Jhon C Dvorak! <– Leo Laporte and friends

    the whole channel offers many interesting options, like Security Now. TnT.

  27. Thanks for this write up. I’ve been listening to yours as well as a few others you’ve listed but there are a load more here that are really useful.
    Oh, and don’t think you can’t get heavy hitters on your podcast either. Can’t see why anyone would decline.

  28. Chris,

    Random question…what do you guys use for your audio player on ShopTalk? Is it MediaElement.js – HTML5 Video & Audio Player?

  29. sheriffderek
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    really enjoying shoptalkshow… but HEY ! no radio lab on your list ??? THAT’s CRAZY !!!

  30. A few that I have always liked:

    Read Between the Leading, in interim now, but coming back as another podcast in the near future.

    Design Matters With Debbie Millman, pretty much self explanatory for all things design with the incredibly knowledgable Debbie Millman

    Design Chat, great talks and interactive as well.

  31. Being a fan of This American Life on WPR, my first listen to This Developers Life yesterday was awesome! Thanks for this list, Chris!

  32. There are some great podcasts in Chris’s post and the comments. I’ve previously blogged my favorite web design podcasts and my favorite WordPress-specific podcasts. My lists include several mentioned here, plus a bunch more!

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