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Weather Switcher Updated

Published by Chris Coyier


I wanted to post a quick note to let folks know that the Weather Switcher that me and David Walsh whipped up a while ago has been updated to actually work again. Yahoo made a slight change to how they were serving up that weather data (grumble...)

Several people have had problems with this lately, and I'm sure this is why. Enjoy!


  1. jayinvoked
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    Great post! This is pretty ironic, I was looking for a way to do this the other day! Thanks for the post!

  2. Rob

    That should be David and I….

  3. It’s Chris’ site and his idea. We’re programmers and designers Rob — $spellign_meeeens_h0th1ng

  4. Perfect, was after something like this and it could be the answer to my problems…

    I wont say prayers as I have not quite got that desperate yet!

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