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#116: Let’s Answer Forum Posts!

In this screencast we pop over to The Forums to answer as many questions as we can. The point is just to have a little fun and show you how easy it is to contribute to the community. Become a good member there, and next time you are stuck your chances of getting help skyrocket!

You don't have to be a super genius at everything. I'm certainly not and I prove it in this screencast by not having a good answer for a number of questions. Also: this serves as good evidence of "the better the question the better the answer."


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    Why does your background change from green to blue at about 29:00? Is that some super-hip mac-app that changes the color like every hour?

  2. soren
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    This is a wonderful idea. I don’t know if you know it (i’m sure you must) but you are an inspiration to the likes of me who is trying to forge a career in design and/or development. You really are one of the best, IMO. Seeing you work live is an awesome tutorial.

    Something I’ve been wondering recently is if it’s o.k to wrap a div within an anchor tag, whether or not to use span instead. I find myself googling for an answer.

    And if that’s you playing banjo at the start of your vids and podcasts, kudos!

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      Hi Soren,

      In the spirit on this screencast I thought I’d post a reply.

      A div within an anchor isn’t considered semantic. In the pen Chris made, the red div would be replaced with an image in a real-world example which would fix it. To make it semantic, a span would’ve worked too (if set to block/inline-block). Alternatively, you could use :before or :after on the link.

    • A div within an anchor isn’t considered semantic.

      Sure it is. It’s perfectly cool in HTML5.

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      Oh, so it is! I must have missed that when I was catching up on HTML5 changes, my mistake. I was thinking of the XHTML/HTML4 where it wasn’t valid.

      Sorry about that.

  3. Corey Pyle
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    I like the idea of this becoming a series. I’m also in line behind soren with regarding you, and others like you who share their knowledge, as an inspiration to up-and-comers. Thanks!

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    In itunes this video is 404

    If your check the rss feed:
    for this post the video file says “Media files (VLC media file (.mpg), 0 bytes)”

    I think we have a problem Chris….

  5. Hey Chris. What is the cloud app that you dragged the file to and gave you the URL?

  6. Ralf Hundertmark
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    Thanks a lot for that, very inspirational. I am a long time follower of your page and screencasts, mostly as a weekend web enthusiast , but will now also try to contribute some to the forums here :-)

  7. Brad Cole
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    Yes, more screen cast’s like this one please!

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    Chris, loved this webcast. Not only did it address some issues and gave some fresh perspective into this, but I also picked up a few apps (such as Skitch and Cloud App) that I can see the benefit of using on my own system.

    When you mentioned the previous version of Skitch, I’m assuming you meant 1.0 (from the Skitch website), but I was wondering why you preferred this version. It looks like the reviews for the new version are horrible, but having never been a user, I’m not sure what the issues are.

  9. Roman
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    Amazing video! (all the videos are awesome). I am really glad to hear Chris talk about answering and asking questions. I will definitely try harder to answer some stuff.

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    Chris, great webcast – thanks for sharing. Picked up some real gems in there :)

  11. Peter
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    Well, about the Jquery book, Jon Duckett (who wrote this masterpiece on HTML and CSS is also making a version for Javascript and Jquery, although it’s coming out on May 28th. I can’t wait :)

  12. Mr. Name

    On point as always, Chris! Thank you!

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