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Published by Chris Coyier


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    Hey Chris, what do you got against Toronto? Come down some time. I push away the polar bears from you!

  2. We’re going to miss you at ConvergeSE this year Chris. Picking Poland over South Carolina? Oh the shame! :)

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    While I agree with your decision to stay out of Phoenix over the Summer (unless of course you like 115 degree heat), we’d love to see you out here sometime :)

  4. Como visit us in Canada sometime ( east side – Toronto / Montreal )

  5. Cory
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    Hey Chris, Can’t wait for BarCamp Orlando. You and I hung out at InControl (remember the sword eaters :) ). See ya on the 14th!

  6. David
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    I hope there will be video :)

  7. We are waiting for it

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