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Upcoming Speaking

Published by Chris Coyier

My first half of 2012 is sprinkled with some web conferences I'm very much looking forward to.

February 20-21, Orlando, Florida - InControl

March 9-13, Austin, Texas - SXSW Interactive

April 26-27, Warsaw, Poland - Front-Trends

April 30 - May 4, Las Vegas, Nevada - Future Insights Live

June 6-7, Vancouver, Canada - Interlink Conference

Without giving away too much, my talk will be based around some quick thoughts I posted as What We Don't Know (except at SXSW where I'll probably just be hanging out).

Hope to see some of ya'll around.


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    Oh man I gotta move somewhere that does web design conferences!

  2. Batfan
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    Nothing in Phoenix? :)

  3. Warsaw -> see you there :>
    (bring beer)

  4. Raghavender
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    I am feeling sad as I wouldn’t be able to attend your conferences as I reside in India…

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    Your people back in Wisconsin are getting jealous!

  6. Why are there no web conferences in places like India ??

  7. Cang Nguyen Duc
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    i want to see u in Vietnam bro, please please :)

  8. italy! I vote for Italy|

  9. I was totally interested in going, until I seen the $700 ticket price. Too bad I don’t work for a company that would foot the bill!

  10. Cat’s outta the bag! Chris is coming to Interlink this year! W00T!

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    Might have to check out Interlink in Vancouver. I’m a short ferry away – maybe ticket prices won’t be out of reach for this one!

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    And then to the UK? I think we got some kind of games event scheduled for this year… It might be fun.

  13. see you in March Bro!

    sxsw 2011. Whats good Austin!

  14. Todd
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    no East Coast gigs? Philly needs to send you some Brotherly Love.

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    Any web conference in Boston, MA?

  16. I see you like to travel :)

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    Looking forward to Future Insights Live. It’ll be my first conference outside of Canada…Vegas style!

  18. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  19. I don’t know much about SXSW, but I may have to make my way there since Austin is in my backyard.

  20. peiguo
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    I am feeling sad as I wouldn’t be able to attend your conferences as I reside in China…

  21. Hope to see you in the UK soon.

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    Can’t wait to hear you at Front-Trends, Warsaw, Poland.

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