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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Published by Chris Coyier

I'll have a little string of events I'll be giving talks at.

I'll (probably) be doing a fork of my pseudo elements talk, which will reduce the pseudo elements stuff to only a part of the time and the rest will be about other ways to improve the way you write HTML and CSS.


  1. Ben
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    Hey Chris,

    Will there be any video footage of any of these talks?


  2. Greg
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    Barcamp Milwaukee participant @raster tries hard to record on video and audio as much of the event as possible. Follow him on twitter for updates. I’m sad I can’t be there this year. Even more so now.

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    I thought about checking out the event in Philly, but as it turns out we’ve already got 2 similar events going on right here in DC on the same day. You’d think planners would try to space these out a little more for less competition – especially on the East Coast where we’re all just a couple of hours drive between each other.

  4. I’d love to be able to see Chris present. Too bad I can’t make it to the eastern USA during these times. Have fun, and I hope there is video footage online afterwards.

  5. Hay Chris,

    I know its a long shot, but if/when are you going to come to merry ol’ UK to do any talks? Say, somewhere in Buckinghamshire, like milton keynes?

    Would be awesome to have ya do talks over here :-)

    Thanks, Keep up the amazing tutorials and work.


  6. cnwtx
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    Comin’ to Texas any time soon?

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      That’s what I’m sayin’…

      Anywhere near the San Antonio area, and it would be great to come out and see ya!

  7. Eileen
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    Hi Chris
    I know I am dreaming but how neet it would be to see you in Atlantic Canada. Wishing you a blast of fun on your travels.

  8. If video isn’t posted. how about slideshare?

    you do really amazing work with that too.

  9. If you don’t end up having a video, how about at least a slideshow from Slideshare? Please.

  10. Wow, great work Chris!

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    Great ! Subscribed

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    Looking forward to your talk at Barcamp Tampa Bay.

  13. Eric
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    Now that you are in the Bay area you are kinda obligated to step on out and make a local appearance ; )

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    Hi Chris I love this and am great fun of CSS-Tricks. Am looking forward to one of these BarCamps.

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    love to see you, when it comes to Indonesia? Hehehe :).. might be able to share your video.


  16. Hey Chris, nice meeting you at Barcamp Milwaukee! Hope you had a good time.

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