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Interviewed on Unmatched Style Podcast

Published by Chris Coyier

The crew from Unmatched Style are the folks that run ConvergeSE which I was lucky enough to attend this year. They are really great folks! While I was down there, I was interviewed by Gene for their podcast.

Thanks to Gene for having me! I really recommend to everyone to check out Unmatched Style. A web design gallery is also part of what they do. I always tell people it's my favorite web design gallery because they don't just post a screenshot and call it a wrap, they write about why they like the design, and even parts they don't like. Not to mention these are folks who build websites for a living, so there is nobody more qualified to critique and promote others work.


  1. Thanks for sharing your interview, I always thought you were some mythical CSS god or something, now I know you are just human. Keep up the good work sir!

  2. Thanks for the good words Chris. It’s been great to get to hang out with you the past couple times. Keep up the great work on man, it’s one of our favorite web design blogs around.

  3. Thank you Chris for being here with your amazing website and for helping us along the way with the CSS, JS and other interesting stuff!

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    Yeah thanks for sharing Chris, it’s good to put a (moving) face to the voice!

  5. Never heard of Unmatched Style, but it seems that I have missed a great website.
    Thanks for recommendation.

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    Chris the video does not seem to load on Firefox 3.6.8 on MacOSX, works in Safari/Opera/Chrome though.

    Did you by any chance embed a HTML5 version which was supposed to fallback to Flash on Firefox but it does not?

  7. What was so interesting about your right leg that made you keep rubbing it? Sort of distracting…

    But an excellent interview. Great job, Chris!

  8. Luli
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    many thank

  9. Jim
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    Just like to add my voice to the many and say a big thanks for all the high-quality stuff you keep producing.

    There should be a “Buy Chris a beer” button somewhere on CSS-Tricks.

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    You’re a natural interviewee. As for your right leg constantly twitching, I have the same problem. You handled the questions well, and you absolutely have a friendly voice for the audio compressor. It’s very soft and easy to listen to.

  11. Steve
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    What is WKL ?

  12. Chris, just wanting to say that I admire what you do, you are very talented, and thank you for teaching me, and others, what you do!!

  13. Hey great interview chis, I couldn’t help but notice that you looked a little bit nervous, either that or you just didn’t’ know what to do with your arms^^

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