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2-Year Anniversary GIVEAWAY

Published by Chris Coyier

Happy Fourth of July all! A lovely day filled with fireworks and usually a day off of work (in the US, anyway). It's also the anniversary of CSS-Tricks. It's been two years now. It actually feels like it's been longer than that sometimes, just because of how far the site and myself have come. Last year we didn't do anything special, but I thought this year we'd kick it up a notch and celebrate a little harder. That's right, it's giveaway time!

Check out the prizes below. If you want to enter, the only requirement is to fill out this survey. (Notice the form is a Wufoo form, one of the prizes!). Winners will be picked totally at random. Of course provide your real name and real email address on the form so I can reach you if you win.

Today, I am literally on the road in a UHAUL truck moving from Portland, OR to Chicago, IL. Portland is an incredible city, I'm just moving to be a bit closer to family and friends and for a change of scenery. Please forgive me if the posts are light for the next few weeks while I settle in.

Because of the move, I'm gonna need a little time. I'm going to close the survey July 16th and announce the winners on July 17th.

The Goods

Ya'll probably know I'm a big Wufoo fan, so I'm very pleased that someone is going to snag a free account for a year. The bona fide plan is what I personally use both for my personal account and our account at work.

Even if you already know how to convert Photoshop designs into code, it sure is nice to save yourself all the time by having someone else do it. Snobby slice is donating their own time to one lucky winner winner who will get a high quality 2-page slicing.

Packt has books on all kinds of subjects. My personal favorite is the Learning jQuery 1.3 book, but I'm thinking about picking up the Magento book, for next time I need to work on a major eCommerce site. Three people will will a PDF of any of their books.

I advocate, especially for beginners, that downloading templates and customizing/altering them is a great way to learn HTML/CSS. It also can be a real time and budget saver for you and your potential low-budget clients. Flash Mint is giving away three free CSS templates to three winners.

Flipping Book makes an extremely cool Flash component for displaying interactive booklets. These aren't substitutes for entire websites, but rather a cool way to present things like PDFs, brochures, or books. We just used it at work recently to display a PDF we did for a client on their website. Two winners will win the compontent of their choice.

StayValid literally crawls your site looking for validation errors in the code. What better way to stay on top of errors on websites and their ever-changing ways. Two winners here, one for their premium plan and one for the basic plan.

Are My Sites Up watches your website for you. If it goes down, you'll be notified by any methods of your choice: Email, SMS, Twitter, or the iPhone application. Two winners will receive the Premium Pro service for a full year.

Enter to Win


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday CSS Tricks & nice giveaway!

  2. Happy birthday to you¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    And a present for meeeeeeeee¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  3. Happy Birthday! Great prizes here!

  4. Happy brithday CSS-tricks! You’ve really helped me to achieve so many things! and now, you’re giving more than knowledge. Thanks Chris!

  5. Congrats, Chris! I’ve enjoyed being a CSS-Tricks subscriber for about a year now!

  6. This is both great and inspiring! Happy birthday CSS-Tricks!

  7. Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks!! And Amazing Prizes


    ~Evan Riley

  8. Happy 2nd birthday of CSS-Tricks, Chris! Huge kudos to you for making it this far – it’s not everyday where you see a person like you with so much dedication.

    Oh, and good luck having a smooth move over to IL.

  9. happy Birthday CSS-Tricks……..

    hope someone will be happy with their winnings

  10. Hey Chris!

    Happy 2nd Birthday CSS-Tricks! Really glad you are

    Have fun and stay safe moving. I just moved AWAY from Chicago. Two things I really miss: Cubs baseball and Italian beef. Enjoy the Windy City!

  11. Congrats, Chris!! I have been a subscriber for a year and I have appreciated every minute of it!

  12. mionov

    Congrats, Chris! Great giveavay! I want it all ! :)

  13. seb

    Happy 2nd Birthday CSS-Tricks!

  14. Happy B-Day!


  15. I feel I should say something more than ‘Happy Birthday’, but for once, it is the most appropriate thing to say. Happy Birthday. Keep up the good work Chris :D

  16. Has ‘Happy Birthday’ already been taken? Dang it..

    Felicitations on your anniversay Chris!! And best of luck with the move, hope everything goes smoothly…

  17. Anna

    Congratulations! I’ve learned a lot from you, thanks for all the great work!

  18. You know you love me ;)

  19. Happy birthday!

  20. Jeff

    Hey Chris,
    Do you think you can release some of the stats to this survey once the giveaway is complete? I think it’d be interesting to see what the majority of people think.

  21. Congrats Chris on the success of

    I have learned so much here :-) Much respect on your accomplishments, its very inspiring!

  22. Happy 2 Year!

  23. Congratulations Chris, Happy 2nd Anniversary. Good luck and congrat’s on your move to Chicago as well. Thanks for everything. Wishing you all the best and continued success.


  24. Happy Anniversary and wishing you the best for a smooth move to the windy city!!

  25. Keep up the great work

  26. Ruith

    Congrats Chris. You have been a big help to me several different times with personal emails. I have enjoyed your videos. Keep up the good work!

  27. spate1y

    Congrats Chris! Keep up the great work. I have learned SO much from your blog and videos.

  28. Devin Rajaram

    Happy 4th of July and Birthday, Keep up the great work and all your tutorials are the best! I especially love your tips.

  29. Ronald

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve learned tons of stuff on CSS from the site and your screencast are one of my favorites. Congratulations Chris!

  30. Happy 2nd Birthday!

  31. Happy birthday css-tricks!!

  32. Everette Smith

    Congrats on the two year mark, looking forward to what CSS-Tricks has to offer in the years to come. Safe travels Chris!

  33. Aww I can’t believe you are leaving Portland!

  34. Hassan

    Hey Chirs! Its been great, I visit your site many times in a day.. I just love it. Hope every thing goes well for the coming years and GOD BLESS YOU! Learned a lot from you… :)

    Take care

  35. Katy

    Thanks Chris! Just recently found your website and awesome screencasts. Enjoy Chicago, I lived there for three wonderful years, it’s a great city. If only the mountains were closer to my family and hometown (Rockford), I’d be back in a second! Bon Voyage!

  36. Happy B-Day CSS-Tricks and a thousand thanks to you Chris for all of the hard work you do on this blog!

    CSS-Tricks has been an inspiration to me and influenced how I design, code, and run my own blog as well.

    -David :)

  37. Italo

    Happy birthday C-t !!!!!!!

  38. Man Mohan Singh

    Happy 2nd Anniversary…….

    Best of luck for css-tricks’ future….

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    Oh and happy anniversary/birthday to css-tricks!

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    Happy Birthday!!! Great site. Keep up the good work Chris!

  42. Bert

    It’s been two great years. Hopefully many more to come!
    Thanks for the many tricks….

  43. Happy 2nd Birthday CSS Tricks :-)

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    happy bday. love CSS-tricks. keep up the good work tutorial wise :)

  45. Congrats CSS Tricks!

    Good luck with your move! I recently drove one from Iowa to downtown chicago. It’s one of the funner things in life driving through the big city :D

  46. Congrats Chris and Happy 2nd Birthday CSS-Tricks.
    Thank you so much for all you have done for this community. I myself have learned a lot from you and really appreciate your hard work. I look forward to continue learning from this blog.

  47. kevin

    congrats on the time-line and on the new move.

  48. Happy birthday CSS-Tricks, may you take in all this love.

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    HaPpY BiRtHdAy CSS Tricks!

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    Happy belated birthday, CSS-Tricks… May everything comes smooth to you and the site. Keep posting, cause we really learn a lot from you. Hurray~!

  51. Hi and Congratulations on two years. I love the screencasts and learn a lot from them. Hope I win something!!


    The form link isn’t working, any reason?

  53. TeMc

    Happy Birthday !
    Long live CSS-Tricks !

    @Andrew: The form inded seems to be invisible….

  54. Fun survey… Viva CSS-Tricks! Easily one of my favorite sites. :)

  55. Congratulations, You’ve done really a huge job and got big successes through these years! I wish you have strenght to keep up and continue what you’re doing! :)

  56. Great stuff. You are a star! I really enjoy reading your blog of tips & tricks.

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    Awesome, congrats!
    I love your website & the design.

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    Congratulations!! You do a very good work here and I’m sure that a big bunch o people learnt a lot of you in the past 2 years!! Thx 4 your time, your work and yesss, keep it up please =)!

  59. TeMc

    Form is back on :)

    Awesome questions.
    What’s the favorite movie from this list ?
    I was hesitating between Matrix and WarGames. Choose WarGames though.

  60. Hi Chris
    Have a beautiful time out of your everyday scenery and happy birthday !
    Thanks so much for this so precious website.

  61. Sampada

    Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks!!

  62. Happy Birthday CSS Tricks :D well done Chris :)

  63. Jonathan Powell

    Happy B-Day CSS Tricks! This site is awesome!

    I’m really excited to hear that your moving to Chicago. As a fellow Chicagoan, I hope you’ll be having some seminars or meet ups.

    Good luck with the move and thanks again for all the wonderful content.

  64. Happy B’day Css-Tricks ! This site is awesome … i give reference to your site wen m gng to put my site up soon … Have a gr8 years ahead ! Cheers !

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  66. Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks :D
    Also congratulations to you Chris, on getting a new home and the anniversary of a great website.

    Good luck movin’ :D

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    Keep up the great work.

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