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Twitter, New Screencast, 404

Published by Chris Coyier

Tweet Tweet

I've been enjoying the Twitter thing more and more lately. Here is my Twitter page if anyone wants to follow. Just for fun, I've used some of that extra space down in my footer here on CSS-Tricks for a little "Twitter Updates" section. Fun fun! I took what I learned doing that and wrote up a tutorial for Tutorial Blog:

How To Make a Unique Website For Your Twitter Updates


New Screencast: Introduction to the Band Website Template

This week I thought I'd use the screencast to do a formal introduction to the Band Website Template. It was easier for me to explain the project and why I think it's so cool through a demonstration and being able to talk, so that's what I did.

Introduction to the Band Website Template



I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but I've redesigned mine and it's been up for a few weeks now I think. A 404 error page is what people see when they try to go to a page on this site that doesn't exist. It's kind of a rip-off of a similar idea I saw somewhere else a long time ago. I'd credit them but I can't remember where it was. It's kind of fun... but I think I need to get some stuff on there like some text explaining how you should contact me if you got to that page in error and maybe a link to the homepage or some popular articles or something.

New 404 Error Page


  1. That 404 page is hilarious.

  2. I like your 404 page, but it’s not so good for usability. Like you say, add some things there. Adding a search form to a 404 page is also a good idea ;)

  3. It’s a funny picture, indeed, though I agree with Fabian. If there’s one page which should be focusing on usability, it’s the 404-page. Although these articles are old, they’re still very useful when it comes to making 404-pages:
    Improving the Dreaded 404 Error Message
    Error Message Guidelines

    The adding of the twitter-bird at the footer was a funny one. Personally I think it was one of the better places to put it, as they may not always be something you’d want people to see at their first visit.

  4. HAHAHA nice! :D
    oh and cool twitter thing! :D Loved it!!!!
    very nice, and amazing.

  5. Forgot to say, I like your screen cast and the whole band website template! That has to be a nice piece of code, editing the database without refreshing the page. Amazing :D. And the login form like LightBox is great too. But I personally think that the sign in link should be less obvious on the page, I would have put it in the footer.

    I signed up for your affiliate program too. ;)

  6. I like the graphic in the 404 page, can you tell me how you created it?

    Did you make a photo or did you create everything in Photoshop?

  7. @Julian: The torn paper is just a graphic I found on shutterstock or istockphoto or something. I just clipped out the middle, took a screenshot of some CSS and dropped it behind there.

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