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To Wufoo

Published by Chris Coyier

Wufoo Logo

When I decided to leave my last job, I decided I was going to leave at the beginning of the Summer. I was going to bum around the Summer not doing much, maybe even extend that for a whole year. It sounded pretty appealing. There was very little that could have strayed me from my awesome plan. I even got to turn down some pretty swell job offers.

Then one thing came along that turned that whole idea around. Something I'd way rather do than some hippie summer. I am now working for Wufoo!

I bet a lot of you know that I've been a big fan of Wufoo. Wufoo is a form building web service. It's a big part of my belief in instant productivity. Designing forms and giving them a high degree of functionality is a ton of work. Wufoo makes that job so trivially easy, it is actually fun.

I am going to be doing a variety of things with them, including design work (yay!) and blogging (yay!) and more. In fact you can already see my first blog post on the Wufoo blog: a tutorial on creating a poll with instant public results. Check it out and let me know what you think.

If you do the social media thing, I'd encourage you to follow Wufoo on Twitter / fan Wufoo on Facebook. We intend to keep people updated on new Wufoo stuff (there is lots of cool stuff in the pipeline) but just as importantly, share interesting resources and research through those outlets. Most importantly, if you've never tried Wufoo, you ought to sign up and give it a whirl. I'm not just towing the company line here, it'll change how you feel about building forms.


  1. Gavin
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    Congrats! I cant wait to see what you develop ad bring out over the year!

  2. Super! Congrats. Cant wait to see what Wufoo has in the “pipeline”. I love using their service!

  3. Congratulations on the new gig!

  4. Good deal Chris, I hope you are truly involved in some ground breaking endeavors.

  5. I’m a huge Wufoo fan and a huge Chris fan, so this is a win-win! Congrats!

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    Grats on the new job! I have yet to check out Wufoo.

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    Congratulations Chris! You deserve it! :)

  8. Donny
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    I got turned on to Wufoo after reading a previous post you made about it and have loved it ever since. Congratulations on the new gig. Can’t wait to see what stuff is coming down the pipe.

  9. Woo for Wufoo! Congrats on the new placement.

    Personally, I don’t like the service, but I can see the appeal. I prefer keeping my form data in house.

    • Totally cool Benjamin, that’s understandable. Just FYI though, there is a great API and other ways to export data, so your data could live “in house” as well as being safely on Wufoo’s servers.

    • Ando
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      I’d love a blog post about that!



    • Congrats on the job man, glad you are stoked about it.

      Maybe i’ve missed something though, all this for a web form?

    • My issue’s not that I can’t access the data, but that I’m still reliant on third-parties.
      What happens if the servers go down? What happens if there’s a security breach?

      That’s the issue. It’s also slightly more convenient to access the data from personal databases, rather than relying on an API.

      There’s also the issue of a maximum 5000 API requests per day. That’s A LOT at the moment, but it’s still restricting and a bottleneck in the future.

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      @ Benjamin –

      You have some points here, but consider this – and it depends on your client, really – but your client’s servers can go down, too. Your own servers can go down. Which servers are likely to be fixed faster?

      If you / your client has a 24-hour tech staff (as, I assume, Wufoo does), then maybe it’ll work out fine to keep everything in-house. It does lend a certain sense of security. But its not necessarily better.

      I used to have a similar opinion about things… e.g., hotlinking to google’s hosted copy of jQuery. It seemed like a better idea to just host my own copy – I don’t have to rely on anyone else. But once I stopped to consider, I had to admit that it would save me bandwidth, maintenance time, and increase speed (google’s a lot faster than I am). It’s at least as, if not more, reliable as hosting it myself, and it’s less work, less worry.

  10. Awesome news! Congratulations!

  11. Congrats on the new opportunity.

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    Way to go Chris!

  13. Just wanted to say congrats Chris on the new job! I wouldn’t have known about Woofoo if it wasn’t for you :)

    Keep up the great work!


  14. Derrick
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    Congrats Chris, Looking forward to the Jquerify CSS-ifying Uber Wufoo Form Tutorials in the future.

  15. Congratulations Chris! I have been struggling to create a survey form in Cold Fusion for the majority of the last week and think I’m going to give your new company a try (pending client approval of course).

    Thanks for posting this and good luck with the new job. I’m sure you’ll create some great things for them.

  16. Congratulations Chris ! And good luck.

  17. Big congrats man!

  18. Congratulations Chris.

    Good luck with your new digs/gig. It was relatively cool reading your post– a post by someone I’ve followed/feed-red for quite a while now, landing a position at a company I’ve used for years now.

    Bravo to both of you.

  19. That’s really awesome. Congrats!

    I first heard about Wufoo maybe two years ago from this site and haven’t stopped using it since. I’m delighted every time I log in and find a new feature or integration (which is pretty regularly). Can’t wait to see what’s in the pipeline.

  20. Very cool, I love Wufoo! Bring some cool ideas to their table, I’d love to see some more innovation to an already great product.

  21. Spreng
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    I was making a Wufoo form when I went to your website and saw this post, what a coincidence! Congrats on the new job!

  22. That’s really cool, Chris. I wish you the best at the awesome new job.

  23. Zandy
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    I love your “bio” on the Wufoo site. It might only be two words so far, but it’s in keeping with the rest of the bios, for sure.

  24. Great news Chris. I am sure you will improve an already great product. Hopefully you will still maintain and improve CSS Tricks in your abundant spare time.

  25. Congrats, Chris! That’s great.

  26. Butch Page
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    Congrats on the new job!

    Laying around all summer is over rated anyways!

  27. Noah
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    I don’t mean to pry, but what kind of money does your job pay? I freelance so I don’t really know what web developers make full time.

  28. Willson
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    Awesome! Maybe we can get some sweet deals ;D

  29. piratelv
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    Congrats with your job, I’m interested to see what your going to make. ( Maybe even show off some here in a non-advertisement way.)

  30. That’s awesome, Chris! Maybe you could release a great Wufoo/WordPress plugin!

  31. Dude, that’s awesome! Congratulations!

  32. jahmaicherry
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    Congrats! Exciting news. I look forward to the awesomeness that will come of this.

  33. Wufoo is a great service and they’re lucky to hire you! Good luck!

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    Congratulations, Chris. I’ve never used Wufoo, but I’ve seen you talk about them from time to time. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl ::thumbs-up::

  35. Stephen
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    Congrats Chris!

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    Nice one Chris! Congrats!! All the best for your new job! :)

  37. Wufoo, the turnkey solution for web developers and designer.

    A part time hippie summer would be cool also.

  38. Congratulations, Chris! They are lucky to have you!

  39. lp
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    Congratulations. I’m glad to hear you are working for a company you respect. All the best to you. Your blog is great.

  40. Nelson
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    Congrats Chris! that is awesome news, I can’t wait to see how much better Wufoo will get with you on the team

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    Congratulations, Chris!
    All the best, keep up the great work!

  42. Congrats Chris and good luck!

  43. The demo polls are very impressive, and I’m a bit surprised by the use of “Flash” on the result – pie chart. By the way, I read an old tutorial on designing full image backgrounds. I did one without the use of JS. check it out at

  44. Congrats. This gives me more reason to keep using Wufoo. I wouldn’t have found it had I not came to this blog. Good luck!

  45. Matt Christy
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    Congrats Chris. Nice work!!

  46. Kalee Eversole
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    Congrats Chris! Sounds like a great gig, you’ll do great!!!

  47. Congrats! I’ve been using Wufoo since you introduced them in video screencast #28. This new opportunity to work for them seems quite fitting. Best of fun and fortune to you!

  48. Congrats! =)

  49. Does wufoo have an official stance on Rod Stewart or Coldplay?

    • Wufoo thinks that Rod Stewart and Coldplay could benefit from having more user friendly feedback forms =)

      Also Do Ya Think I’m Sexy is clearly referring to the Form Builder.

  50. andieevans
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    Well Done!

    I hope you don’t spend too much time working though! We need more information… information…. INFORMATION… (in the style of ‘The Prisoner’) keep up the good work.

    Before I go… When I mouse over you big W at the top, the left page content drops by 30 or so pixels… (IE8)


  51. Andrew
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    Congraulations! This alone will make me take another look at Wufoo in due course.

  52. Ham
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    Totally unnecessary to receive this is my inbox this morning. If I wanted ads in my email I would use Hotmail.

    • This is just one of those things where this is my blog and when something happens in my life that is web design/technology related, I’m going to write about it. I understand you don’t like it, but unfortunately I don’t offer any subscription methods that don’t include stuff like this, so your best bet is to unsubscribe.

    • Yes Chris. Ham only wants the results of your hard work. How dare you ruin his morning.

    • Ham
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      To date I have not benefited from Chris’s hard work and usually find his posts interesting and well written. His approach to problem solving and technique are both attributes I wished more people would adopt.

    • Chris
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      I think we’re all behind your switch to Hotmail.

  53. Thanks to everyone!

  54. Congrats to you Chris, but I feel like saying congrats to Wufoo for bringing you on board. The already cool Wufoo will be that much better now with you working there!

  55. Coingrats Chris, Enjoy.

  56. Congrats!!,
    Very few get the jobs which they love,

    i too love wufoo and have used in some of my projects, its so easy.

  57. Congrats Chris,
    A big thank you for all your sharing through your site. (from a long-time reader, but infrequent commenter). Glad to see you have matched up with a company with a great service. They will benefit big time from you!

  58. Grats, Chris. Wufoo scored big time.

    Don’t neglect CSS-TRICKS in all the excitement. ;)

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    congrats Chris!
    Maybe a WordPress integration?

  60. Congrats chris! Does this mean you’ll have more time to blog? One question though can wufoo form’s width and height be edited?

    • When you embed a form onto your own website, the form will expand in width to whatever parent container it is in, and be as tall as it needs to be to fit all the contents of the form.

  61. Niice, I’ve been using Wufoo for all my forms lately it’s really great.

    Good luck on your job there, have fun but keep CSS-Tricks updated too.

  62. Congrats! I love their product and philosophy.

    Now you’re there can you write a tutorial on pimping out a wufoo form with css. I’ve had limited sucess with what I have found. You have an amazing ability to explain things in an understandable manner.


  63. Congrats!

    I’m not much of a coder but can Wufoo make it easy for me to post SOAP XML to a service (Quotit) using an remote access key?

    I’ve used Wufoo in it’s basic functionality and it has worked flawlessly!

  64. Excellent! your blogging is top notch so they made a good choice :)

    Keep posting cool stuff here if they let you.

  65. Chris, best of luck in your new venture hope it all goes well for you.

  66. Chad
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    I’m way jealous. Woofoo is da shit. Congrats!!

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