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Threadsy Invites / Haiti Poster Project

Published by Chris Coyier

Two things today.

First, have you guys heard of Threadsy? I hadn't, but apparently they got 2nd place at TechCrunch 50, which is pretty great. It's a web application that combines several of your online "input streams" (e.g. Email, Twitter, and Facebook). I think that's actually all they do right now, which I find kind of awesome, because those are the only ones I use anyway.

I have 500 invites to give away for it. First come first serve as I understand it. Just click this to sign up.

I really quite like it. The Threadsy team has done a killer job in creating an interface to combine these things that is totally usable and nice. No small chore when trying to pack so much functionality into basically one screen. I've been using it off and on. I haven't been able to 100% switch just because old habits are hard to break and I love my Gmail/Tweetie combo so much already.

Second, there are a ton of ways you can help out the bad situation in Haiti. I'm sure many of you have already. I've done a few different things and plan to do a few more. As designers, there is a really cool new one: The Haiti Poster Project.

You design and print 11"x17" posters (yes, you have to print your own, that is part of your contribution). The posters are collected and sold. The goal is to raise $1,000,000 for Doctors Without Borders. I think this is a great idea, especially how it's not a "contest" where you could do all the work and then be rejected and not even be sure you did any good. Everyone wins here.


  1. Gringer
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    Currently Thready supports (for e-mail that is) GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL Mail and any IMAP Account.

  2. Nadeem Khedr
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    hell of a nice interface

  3. Oh, I’ve found a mistake in the post-title ;-)

  4. WesAscolese
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    Wow, really loving the interface. Fantastic find, Chris. Thanks so much for the invite opportunity.

  5. schadeck
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    Thanks for the invite Chris, this a pretty slick app. The interface has a great look and feel. Hmmm, I wonder if they will make a version for the iphone…

  6. Not sure on the Threadsy deal, like you, I am pretty comfortable with my setup.

    I hope Doctors without Borders can raise a great deal of money to aid in Haiti. My wife and I donated through Red Cross. I just hope that our money is spent on relief not overhead.

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    NICE!!! Thanks for the heads up….

  8. Wearing my Threadsy shirt from TC50 today actually. Great product!

  9. Sam
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    Giving Threadsy my email login info… not too comfortable with that. Wish they had an option to skip the email portion.

    • Ryan
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      Yea… people are WAY too comfortable handing over their personal info. I don’t know this company nor do I care that they “promise” not to use or sell my info.

    • Doesn’t use OAuth? No thanks.

      If you give away cred to your e-mail, you give away cred to every other account you manage using that e-mail address.

    • Thank you very much for addressing us here and alleviating some of our concerns regarding security and password authentication. The issue is with allowing your company full access to our personal email accounts, thereby, allowing full access to our contact list or possibly other information.

      As per SSL and industry-standard encryption, you saw what happened to Google. They got caught with their pants down between their ankles. Nothing is secure in our industry. I am not sure if you follow Bugtraq, but in December a new way to leverage the exploit TLS & SSLv3 renegotiation was discover.

      A possible alternative would be to create an email alias for your users, then provide instruction to forward their current email to this newly created alias. It would be great if you even allowed an option for PGP encryption with the final handshake taking place as the user accesses the message from the alias account. I am not sure if this would be feasible, but I hope you get the idea.

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    a great reason to join this contest!

  11. vasilis
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    Very nice,thanks for the invite!

  12. Yee Chie
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    Thanks you so much for the Threadsy invitations Chris, loving it already!
    Wouldn’t have known about Threadsy otherwise.

  13. John Deerhake
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    Don’t forget built in Meebo chat, also a helpful feature. I use threadsy and I really like it, but there are still some feature from gmail missing (threaded emails, tags, and starring messages). I assume these are all forthcoming, but I will continue to use the gmail client for my email until they do.

  14. MC
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    Wow even you guys are jumping on the Haiti bandwagon, suddenly everyone loves Haiti. Very righteous of you.

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    How does it access gmail, aol & hotmail emails? Does threadsy or websites like facebook use OAuth for this? I have tried to connect via curl/wget to these email providers but it keeps asking for human verification after some unsuccessful log in tries.

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    Brilliant Idea!

  17. Kris
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    I was using this, literally, before they won 2nd place. I was sitting there in the audience, tweeting from Threadsy as the winners as they were announced.

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    That is a wonderful idea! Very interesting!

  19. Wow :P I usually dont ude these programs :P I use Outlook most of the time. But that site is really great :)

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    Thanks for sharing with us. I really appreciate that people still care enough to send out invites.

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