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The Kick Awesome Show

Published by Chris Coyier

Nate Croft and Jon Longnecker (remember Jon?) from FortySeven Media have a new video podcast they are producing called The Kick Awesome Show. CSS-Tricks was happy to sponsor Episode 13.

These guys sure look like they have a lot of fun making this show. They do a little Q&A, highlight cool web-things, do music picks (ala their other pet project), etc. It's also super high quality video. Check out the cool ad they did for Wufoo on Episode 8.

Also check out the poster image on the latest Doctype. Thanks to my other buddies Jim and Nick for the shoutout!


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    This is a really nice show, Chris!
    Thanks for sharing

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    This guys is funny. Making jokes about german. HaHa

    Nah, they’re really funny :D
    Bunnies everywhere… greets from Germany

    Thanks for sharing Chris.

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    This is a really nice show!!!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. That’s pretty cool. I’ll be subscribing to their feed…

  5. Wow! how did i not know about this?
    That Nate Croft lad is just epic!

  6. Dang, you know how to give a shout out Mr. Coyier! Thanks for the love :)

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    lovely show!

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    Hey guys! Glad you are all enjoying the show.

    Chris, thanks for the post. Nicely done.

  9. Dashes FTW!

  10. Wow what an amazing show !!!
    These guys are the best “tech show” men in town
    The video and audio compiling is of professional quality and they deliver really nice dev tips amid all that funny stuff

  11. Love that show, those chaps make me laugh and dowse my webnerd whistle with delights everytime :)

  12. +1 on dashes FTW

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, bookmarked and added my rss reader. Just a little overboard on the antics, but nonetheless entertaining and at times even a little informative. =)

  13. Chris
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    I’m guess I’m getting too old – I just wasted 4 min. 37 secs. of my afternoon…
    that was all I could bear to watch.

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    (btw i like these bookmark posts)

  15. Nice. That was a good break in my day.

  16. KINDA funny, and informational, but they seem to be trying a bit too hard.

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      I have to agree. I enjoyed the show, but it does seam that they are trying to hard to be funny..

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    I have a question for the Nate and Jon: How did you guys convince the hospital to let you out of your straitjackets long enough to film this?

    But seriously, I have to admit, you had me laughing. Might be a little over-the-top for some people’s taste, but very daring and full of personality. Good job.

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    A little over the top for my taste, as well. Having said that, I would totally be into the show if you guys actually talked about stuff a little more seriously.

    Each episode seems to be an intro, and then nothing of any importance actually gets discussed. You both are too knowledgeable to be letting that happen!

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      Seriously, if they delve deep into something, then it will just end up as boring as all the other attempts to engage via a video blog. This is an interesting and fun show, which is simply giving you small bits of advice that might be of use.

      So Enjoy…

    • nick
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    Don’t cry argentina…

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    WOW Its Awesome guys..!

  21. silvers
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    was i the only one who though they were annoying idiots? what they were talking about could have been interesting but they were so painfully unfunny that i had to turn it off.

    yuk that was disgusting.

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    Awesome show and tips!

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    So really nice, Chris!

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    I Love it. Great show. I am sold. Funny and informative! I have fun like that at my office!

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