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The Book: Digging Into WordPress

Published by Chris Coyier

It's ready! Jeff Starr and I started the journey of writing Digging Into WordPress in December '08 and it's finally for sale. It's 400 pages packed full of WordPress learning. We go from setting things up, to explaining how things work (really get to know the loop and how to use functions to display the things you need), to SEO, to using WordPress as a CMS, to security, and more! The book gets into it right away, and doesn't waste time with a lot of stuff like the basics of installation that you either already know or can easily find elsewhere. Read on for some more details, as well as a discount code you can use!

Learn More / Buy Now   Download Demo PDF

Demo PDF includes Table of Contents and part of Chapter 3

Discount for CSS-Tricks Readers

For the first 10 days, use coupon code DIWCSS during checkout and get $5 off. So the regular $27 is just $22 if you grab it during this launch period.

PDF Now, Print Later

This is a PDF version of the book for now. Print will be coming later. Anybody who buys the PDF now will get a a fair discount on the print version if you want to pick that up later. Both are going to be very cool. I love print, but the PDF is pretty ideal as all the links are active, you can search it easily, and you can copy and paste code!

A Lifetime Subscription

Buying the book now gives you a lifetime subscription to the book. We intend to keep the book updated and add new content as time goes on. This won't become a stagnant old outdated book. When we release a new version, you'll automatically get an email to download the new version.

Affiliate Program

If you like the book and want to help sell it, you can earn money doing so. For the PDF right now, we don't have the substantial costs that are printing, handling, and shipping. So, we are offering 50% of all affiliate sales. Hey, you are doing the legwork, and we appreciate it. Learn more here.

A Peek

Thank You

Thanks in advance to anybody who picks up a copy. It goes a long way toward helping both me and Jeff create all the other free content we love to share.


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    Congrats on the book release! I’ve been reading it on my commute…loving it so far!

  2. congratulation Chris for new book , i will see the demo and may be coming days buy one
    good work, keep going

  3. When the print edition is released, is it gonna ship to Brazil?

    • Probably? It’ll likely cost a bit more though. I’ll probably be packing and shipping this all myself.

    • Thanks for the answer. I’ll definitely be interested in the print version (as another commenter said below, I don’t really like to read on screen). With the discount (any idea how much it will be?), it will be easier to pay for the more expensive shipping; it will be almost like paying the book in two installments! :)

  4. I took a look at the demo PDF – it looks very nice, exactly the kind of WordPress book I was looking for (but didn’t exist yet) – digging into the details :] Nice page layout too!

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    Would this book explain to me why I may want to choose WordPress over Drupal? I was under the impression they do basically the same thing while Drupal is capable of doing more? Not trying to step on any WP fanboi toes, just curious.


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      Drupal should really not be compared to WordPress…If anything you should compare Drupal to Joomla….Which Joomla is the victor in my opinion….

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    Just bought it. Theres indeed a lot of valuable information in it. Thanks Chris.

  7. Awesome job Chris. Haven’t left my laptop since I got it. Sat in double business this morning reading it.

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    Congratulations to both of you. It’s a great book!
    I’ve written a review on my blog:

    Any tips on how to get a left pane menu? I don’t seem to get one in my PDF reader PDF Xchange viewer

    • Andy
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      This is a limitation of your PDF reader and not the PDF document. I was able to bring up a left hand menu by clicking on “Pages” in Acrobat Reader.

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    Just bought mine. I was waiting for the book before starting to take advantage of WP as a CMS. Thanks for all the hard work, Chris!

  10. Anne
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    Coolness! I’ve been looking forward to this book since you announced it… can’t wait to ‘dig in’! Thanks!

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    Brilliant mate. Just keep it coming.

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    Good job on the book Chris and Jeff. It’s really nice.
    Just bought it and I’m already reading it :-)
    It’s gonna help me alot with making themes to sell @ Themeforest.
    Thanks again and keep posting kick @ss post too :-)

  13. JAS
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    Hey Chris Congrats on the book! Good for you man!!! Any plans on a kindle version?

    • Interesting idea there. Not sure. Kinda seems unlikely just since so much of the coolness of the book comes from all the images and layout and code samples and stuff. I’m not sure how the kindle does that stuff. Book readers like that should just have PDF support.

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    Awesome work guys! I just bought it and it looks terrific!!

  15. Dick Leopard
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    Any time table for print version? I can hardly wait and will probably buy the pdf. Looks like it’s exactly what i need.

  16. Bert
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    Thanks for the book. A great resource…

    Gr. Bert

    BTW What did you withe your post titles? Nice font. From the Kailin Yong project?

  17. Looks awesome, Chris! I love the color-coded chapter layout and the useful footnotes!


  18. Elizabeth
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    Looks great. Can’t wait to check it out!

    Just wondering, did you mean “A Peek” not “A Peak” above?

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    I’ve got the book and its excellent. Have already used it to secure a wordpress site i’ve been working on. It’s nice and big too so it’s really in depth.

    Congrats Chris.

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    About to buy this myself also, will be my 5th book this week on CSS and WP, my wife is gonna kill me! :)

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    Seriously great book. On a non-technical side… the design is very nice.

  22. Fredrik Lind
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    Awesome! A no-brainer purchase for me. Can’t wait to read it. Good luck with sales :)

  23. Congratulations, seriously! My boss just picked up a copy for me. Very stoked to read it.

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    Great job the both of you!
    I hope to pick up a copy in the next few days as I have been meaning to learn a few things about WordPress because I want to transfer my blog over to it. :)

  25. Mike
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    Hottest Book, and I mean that literally. I have some funky widget installed on my Mac to monitor laptop metrics…….cpu, memory, etc. It also monitors the temperature of different components. On average the temp will show at around 50 degrees, assuming charger being used. So, to get to the point, I clicked on the download pdf button, turned away to grab a coffee, turned back and…..whoa…….my fan is sounding like it’s running a marathon and my temp has jumped to 72 degrees. Exploding battery time methinks. So, hmmm, what’s up? I exit the download page, notice the temperature falling back to 52 degrees within 30 seconds. Surely not. How could a PDF download (that wasn;t a download btw) cause that? Answer, I guess, it didn’t, but it got me curious. So, for fun, I tried again 30 minutes later. Resting point was 50 degrees. In less than a minute I am at at 74 degrees. Click out and back to 50. Weird. It would seem that Digging for WordPress, which I am sure is a great book, is a little too hot for my MacBook’s good. That’s a shame. It’s all in a day’s work……

  26. Websitestory
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    Couldn’t resist at that price! Superb book, I’ve been glued to my screen for the last 2 hours. Exactly what I needed and was unable to find in a single location. Thanks Chris and keep up the great work.

  27. Quelake
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    Wow! Great book, had to go to sleep early yesterday…WELL THAT DIDNT WORK! Stayed up late, could not get myself to put the lid down on my Macbook. Sooo rough day ahead of me today ;). I had to buy the book; simply because it’s that good, but also because I am a big fan of Chris, and his website has already taught me so much. You more than earn my 22 dollar Chris! Enjoy them! ;)

    Now back to reading….

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    Well worth the money. I love it. Anybody who uses WP for business, just think your one hour salary and compare it to the price of the book. Admit it it’s a bargain. ;)

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    Bought it as soon as it became available and I can only say having browsed through this book for a couple of days: IT IS A GOLD MINE for anybody using WP with on top a great price !
    Chris and Jeff: “Keep up the good work” and thank you.
    Jean from France

  30. Hey Chris,
    Congrats – I bought a copy to support the book and the site, I’ve learned some great stuff here. Good luck with everything! :)

  31. Evan Jones
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    The typography is brilliant. Just scrolled through the table of contents and that’s enough for me to dole out a few bucks for this great asset. Love to pdf form too.

    Keep it up Chris.

  32. grimdeath
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    wow, the book sounded interesting but your method for selling it as just as great if not better. free updates, affiliate programs, and a dedicated website for the book = mind blown!

    GREAT way to do business.

    I cant say ive ever bought a digital book but $27 seems a bit steep for me, the content sounds totally worth it but any chance the price might drop over time? I dont mind being patient if I want to be cheap!

  33. Hi Chris,
    Love the website, Love the resources, I felt in love by the book as well.

    I would really prefer to have a printed version, I wonder if you would use for printing and shipping for example, I bought some books from there and all are fantastic, it’s just an idea :)

    and just need to say:

    Thank you for given me a bright day light in WP developing!

  34. I most likely will be buying this when I can…the good is always in the details.

  35. Scott Landers
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    The book is great so far. Exactly the kind of WordPress resource I have been looking for. Thanks Chris.

  36. hmm… Now I have to figure out if I want to buy the digital version now or wait for the release… Any word on how much of a “discount” we’ll get?

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    Congrat for release book, the cover design is really nice.

  38. cant wait to read the book its downloading now.
    Does anyone know how much it would cost to print the book myself at fedex and kinkos.

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    Hey Chris,

    Excellent work it looks awesome.

    Shame it’s not a printed version yet! I got all excited the title being “the book” and all. Looking forward to it though.

    Might be a bit expensive for a PDF version, not that the content isn’t worth it but some people (like me) just don’t like reading PDF.

    Keep up the good work.

  40. Hi Chris, I am Hugo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have already bought your book. It was all an investment because of the currency change and it was worth it! I discovered your site two months ago and i am reading most of your articles. Specially the screencasts. They are awesome! Keep going!

    Bests regards,

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    Great book..I have been checking out your wp screencasts over the past few weeks which have been a revelation..Hope you sell a few of these..Not many people share as many wp tricks in the same place so hope you make a bit on sales..and well worth the price:)

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    Been waiting for a book like this for a long time!


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    In this digital age I love having something to real in bed, so might wait till it comes out in print.

  44. Ill buy the book, for all that I learned watching your videos & for learn more about WordPress, of course :)

    The PDF is nice, I like the tipography (font/size) and the content is awesome.

  45. Permalink to comment#

    Just purchased of a copy of the PDF book. Well done, great work, beautiful design.

  46. John
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    I rarely buy books (in any form), but this one i’ll be getting this… consider it payment from all the helpful tips you’ve shared!

  47. Permalink to comment#

    Based on all this I’m going to pick up a copy now

  48. Permalink to comment#

    Perfect! This will be the first WP book that is no BS. Looking forward to the printed version. Also run a competition for the cover design. :) free copy would be nice.

  49. Great work!! I was looking for a book like this. Greetings!

  50. Alan
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    Wish I had this 2 months ago when I started with WordPress. Would’ve saved me time and saved me time and some frustration. But how much could I have learned in 2 months, right? Now I’m equipped to dive deep, til my ears hurt.

    And I agree with John (4 comments up). I definitely owe it to you for all those sweet tricks.

  51. Hi Chris,

    it is 2014 now. Is this book still a good buy / updated ?

    • Jeff Starr has been keeping it updated dilegently. I haven’t been very involved. I think the final update to it has been made, but that was fairly recently so I’d still call it a good buy. The lessons within will be relevant for a long time to come I’m sure. But, Jeff also has a new book which is surely more up to date on the same subject:

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