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My Stuff from jQuery Conference

Published by Chris Coyier

The Bay Area jQuery Conference was amazingly fun. I met TONS of great people who I've wanted to meet forever. It was kinda like a Bluegrass Festival in some ways. The sessions weren't recorded so unfortunately you can't check them out that way. I'm going to embed my own slides below and you can view other slideshows from the conference on Slideshare or see pictures on Flickr.


Slides without the context of an actual talk are always kind of weird... but hey, I figure some of you have seen enough of my screencasts to kind of imagine what I'm jabbering about.


Each of the five "common client requests" has a folder in here with code samples or other relevant information. The PDF of the slides is also included.

Download Files


  1. I look forward to the video!

  2. Michael
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    So why did you plug Wufoo on your last slide? Are they still not sponsoring you? Looks to be kinda out of place to be honest…

    • The only reason it’s out of place is because it’s not jQuery related. But the topic of the talk was more about how to help yourself help clients, in which Wufoo is the perfect fit, hence “BONUS”! =)

    • Gringer
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      Alright Chris,

      What do you say we split the deal, 50/50 I wont tell anyone about the sponsoring :-P

      I think it wasn’t out of place though in reality, but here on the slide it really looks very weird and commerciallish.

      Graphics look nice, what’s the font you’re using on your “text” slides ?

    • When i think Chris Coyier…I think Wufoo. Chris, you turned me on to Wufoo and it made my life much easier.. so it didn’t seem out of place to me. In-fact, it reminded me that I forgot a form on a customer site.

  3. Yeah, I’m picking up what your putting down!

  4. Jeremy
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    Really interesting, as usual ! Thanks Chris !

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    Sweet, Thanks for sharing this stuff Chris, living in the UK makes it incredibly expensive to visit these conferences!

  6. Makes sense. Can we download the code to look at in detail in the download package?

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    Request #4 folder you named a folder it`s

  8. Edward
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    Hey Chris since you were not able to get video there!

    Why not do something like a screencast of some of the stuff from the event and maybe like use the slide show as your storyboard for the screencast?

    Make it a great day!!!!


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    Dude! You were in my old stomping ground – I bet it was cold this time of year. A great town and maybe the next conference will take place DURING the “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival”

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Nice slide. I had a same problem when I had to change a text in website, which is displayed by other code. I used jQuery, too, and it worked perfectly.

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    Thanks Chris, I was at the conference and attended your session, it was great.

  12. Shaimifch
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    Thanks Chris for sharing your stuff!

  13. DeannRie
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    Good thanks Chris!

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    I don’t agree with first example. These kind of fix is quick to create, but in the long run, it will be very difficult to maintain your code, between what is written in HTML template, and what is rewrite with JS.

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    Awesome stuff chris I wish I could be there.
    But I’m far far away in Israel :(

    Thanks for the “common client requests” files !

  16. Steffen
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    Really nice examples :) I like your style of presenting.

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    Interesting…Very good Chris..thanks

  18. thanks chris

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