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State of the Blog: Statistics and Updates

Published by Chris Coyier

Bye Bye BlogRush.
I really wanted to give BlogRush a healthy try, so it's been in the sidebar here for over a month, if not two. They have just released Phase 2, and it was just what I have been waiting for: real statistics. I have racked up tens of thousands of credits over the last 7 days and each post of mine has been syndicated throughout the BlogRush network thousands of times. Guess how many readers for each post? ZERO. Every post is ice-cold. Over the last 30 days I've had 5 readers and 3 of which were on a different blog. This is not enough to warrant keeping the widget in my sidebar. I will be removing it soon with a re-thought design of my sidebar.

Hello StumbleUpon.
StumbleUpon has been a great source of traffic for this blog. Thanks to everyone who has Stumbled through! This has been my #1 source of traffic, which has really made up for the other traffic sources that I don't do very well in. Including, sadly, organic Google traffic. My other top sources of traffic have been,, and

FeedBurner Statistics.
I "burn" my feed through FeedBurner, so I can get metrics on numbers of subscribers. This has been working great. I've been slowly growing toward 500 subscribers, and that makes me very proud! Thanks to all you subscribers! If you don't currently subscribe but would like to, you can subscribe to CSS-Tricks here.

I have more news to share as well, stay tuned.


  1. The problem with the blogrush widget is that the text is so small, that a normal person cannot simply read it…

  2. btw congrats with your rss feed count, that is a good number :D

    I would suggest maybe have a good SEO look at your website to try and improve on google stats/ referrals.

    (sorry about double posting)


    Do not know if you know or not but they have just updated their features

  4. Yep, that’s where I got those numbers, from the launch of Phase 2 and the new statistics features.

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