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Sponsored Feature: Web Resources Depot

Published by Chris Coyier


I'm a junkie for web resources websites. I love browsing through them because I am always bound to find some example of something that sends my mind off on some tangent thinking about the possibilities. How can I extend it or modify it? What other applications can I find for it? Do I have any clients who it would work for?

For example, Web Resources Depot is the first place I read about Flexigrid, which is this crazy-cool jQuery plugin which does amazing things for tables like row highlighting and sorting, not to mention they look great. I have a new client I am working with who needs a better way to handle loads of tables, and I'm thinking is going to be a great way to go.

Web Resources Depot is loaded with these kind of examples, and is updated daily so check it out often for a steady stream of inspiration and helpful examples. The resources are categorized in the archives as well, so if you are searching for something specific, you can browse that way.

The best way to keep up with all the new free web resources is to subscribe to the feed:
Web Resources Depot RSS Feed


  1. manuchill
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    here’e another one:

    Webappers rss feed

  2. thx for sharing this webresource

  3. Kaan
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    I have been following Web Resources for a while and it is great. Found and used many resources from the site.

  4. Thanks a lot, I think I might of stumbled on the link before but now I added it to my Google Reader.

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    Very nice site. Sweet.

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    wow flefigrid is a nice alternative script to don’t use gridPanel for a couple a days i have this feed in my reader and it’s great

  7. Cool site. Spend a few hours going though the past posts. Really good stuff. I foudn a really good entry for IP geo locating and i’m using it now to build a statisitcs upgrade for my web design company.


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